I am curious if anyone else has any idea of the layout of Dunwall. 

We are only given maps of specific districts (like the Clavering Blvd. district, and many interior spaces) but it is easy to see that the entire city was planned out by the developers.

In the first level, at Dunwall Tower you are able to see nearly all of the other areas you visit in the game, which is a really good tool for  foreshadowing, but was completely lost on me the first playthrough. Now that I'm taking a better look at it, I really want to try and piece together a city map of Dunwall, which there doesn't appear to be anything similar to either in the game, or in any sort of concept art or other art I have seen.

From what I can understand, the mouth of Wrenhaven River is to the south, while Kaldwin Bridge is to the north. This leaves the cliffs near the Flooded District on the south/west edge of the river, the Clavering/Distillery area further upriver, the Hound Pits, then eventually Kaldwin Bridge.

(this makes the location of the Golden Cat confusing because it is somehow on a coast, but if you look at the map of the Clavering area, the river is on the opposite side of the map of the Golden Cat?)

Dunwall Tower, and the District the Boyle house is in is on the other side of the river, with the clock tower. 

But there are so many other places you can see while looking across the river wherever you happen to be, and the sewers hint to so many streets and districts that you never visit. 

Just kind of throwing it out there. 

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