For some time now, I have felt that our category structure is somewhat lacking in certain aspects. In this blog post I'm going to address the most prominent issue: Category:Dishonored has many categories (and pages) that aren't specifically about Dishonored, as they will without a doubt also be used for Dishonored 2 pages. Here's what I think should be done with the categories, in no particular order:


This category doesn't directly relate to Category:Dishonored, but I feel it should be brought up here anyways. It's currently pretty much unused, but I think it could serve to contain all categories meant for articles that are currently under Category:Browse, those being Category:Dishonored, Category:Dishonored 2, and Category:Lore.


This category should be moved further up the category tree, to Category:Content.

Developer, Voice Actors and Video Game Studio

These categories should get a new category to unify them, and then put that category under Category:Content. it could be called "Category:Development" or something.


This one will fit nicely under Category:Blog posts, though that could reduce it's visibility (I don't know if that's considered a problem).


Definitely needs to be under Category:Lore.


Category:Gameplay is a good home for this one.


I think this one should be under Category:Lore.

Updates will follow with more of my plans.

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