So... killing every person in the game, (with a couple exceptions,) doesent seem like a hard thing... right? 

But, I challenge you to kill every single human/weeper/wolfhound/and riverkrust excluding rats, in the game. seems just a tad bit hard right? Now is for the actual catch.

I challenge the people of the Dishonored Wiki comunity to kill everyone, including weepers, civilians, wolfhounds and riverkrusts... 

AND, get ghost rating. that means hiding all bodies from sight of guards so they dont find them and ring an alarm, and no getting seen...

Lets start with the exceptions! 

Exception #1 : in the coldrige prison mission, after you blow up the front door, you do not have to kill the infinite spawning guards, or the guards on the wall near the sewer.

Exception #2 : in any mission, you do not have to kill guards beyond the map where you have to use noclip/blink glitch. such as : the guard who get eaten by rats in the start of the sewer, and you know the part where you have to pick up a body and throw it so the rats eat it and you have passage in the sewer? well, there are 2 guards abve you, and they are the ones talking about the flooded district. you dont have to kill them, since you can only access that area with no clip.

There will be more exceptions, but here are some rules.                                                                                                                                            

Rule #1 : Only tier 1 wilndblast, and only tier 1 agility, tier one dark vison, and only tie
Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 9.54.39 PM

I have killed everyone (except the exceptions,) in coldridge with ghost.

r 1 possession, and only tier 1 blink. any powers left out are not useable powers for this challange. 

Rule #2 : no peiro upgrades, and no saving griff or anyone. so no griff upgrades. only peiro mana, health potions, and regular bolts. you can still pick up potions from missions. no guns, or grenades, only rewires and spring razors.

there will be more rules, but for now, this is what i got. have fun!

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