So, as most us already know, the links to harvey smith's tweets with our Dishonored questions are broken.

This is because they, along with the rest of his tweets, have been deleted. He's said that moving back to the states after completing D2 feels like "a new chapter" and wants a blank tweeting slate (no, he has not left Arkane)


I told him we didnt have screengrabs for some of the tweets, and he very kindly said he could issue another statement on those items

please help me make a list of the important stuff we need confirmed here

We dont need additional confirmation for anything we HAVE images of, or that have been confirmed in-media. 

UPDATE: The List So Far

  • The Shadow on Bitterleaf being about seamstress-themed murders. Essie's part of the conversation still exists, but not Harvey's side.
  • Morley being ruled by a king and queen.
  • References two and three on the page Beatrici Attano. However, it seems quite possible to simply rewrite it to avoid them.
  • Teague Martin sleeping sleeping in a hideout near the Hound Pits Pub and running other secretive activities.
  • The Lonely Rat Boy being pivotal / potentially pivotal to history.
  • How "... others don't see [the Heart]. Corvo pulls it out of thin air."
  • The developers being "wrongheaded" about Lady Boyle's nonlethal elimination and how "she probably wrapped that pathetic adoring creep around her finger."
  • Farley Havelock being killed by Corvo or committing suicide during The Light at the End.
  • The symbol of the Abbey of the Everyman being based off a farming fork and the time when ""[p]eople just joined" the Abbey, and children were not taken from their homes."
  • The naming pattern of Delilah's paintings. Again, we probably don't need this one either.
  • The office of Arkane Studios in Lyon having life-size versions of Delilah's paintings.
  • That Corvo being one of the 8 marked in the first game was a timeline mistake
  • Billie not being marked but empowered through other means at the end of the comics (see last trivia point on Billie Lurk
  • Breanna Ashworth being a lesbian
  • The Heart being Jessamine's (not sure if we still need that after D2, with her spirit and all)
  • Corvo's skin color being based on that of Raphael Colantonio
  • Granny Rag's birthplace and heritage (Morlish ancestry)
  • Cecelia's fate
  • Daud's birthplace/youth ("Daud was conceived on a pirate vessel, and grew up in various Serkonan cities")
  • According to Harvey Smith, the Brigmore Witches are "a diverse mix, all called by Delilah's Arcane Bond power", and they come from different cultures and socio-economic levels.[2]
  • The first person to join Delilah was Breanna Ashworth, and "they roamed the lands, wild and free".
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