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I'm X-Machinist-X (real name and surname hidden) and I'm a simple gamer who loves gorish and funny games and chooses carefully which one to try - I mean I don't buy a game if I don't see a gameplay and a trailer first. I'm also a drawing hobbist - not an artist - who tries to draw as good as possible its crappy creations.

I've been having a morbid interest on Dishonored since 2012, but only last year I had the chance to enjoy it. And I really love it!

My favorite pages

I've been admiring this Admiral since my first gameplay of Dishonored, except his betrayal.

I love stalking and spying on him when he takes a bath! >:D ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

We are pretty similars: we both want to conquer the world, but I personally prefer the non-lethal way.

Nobody knows, but he's the major enemy of the world of Dishonored; in fact, you can see his clones in every corner of Dunwall. Nobody knows, except I, that he auto-impregnates himself to generate clones[1] to conquer secretly the world among... river krusts! (yeah, they also try to conquer it, didn't you know it?)

Ah, one more thing: Berthold is actually one of Leonard Hume's clones, not Hume the recycled model of Berthold!

They're my minions, including Tallboys.

My Master. I used to frequent his art lessons to learn the secret of painting and tecnology to then become his successor, but Kirin Jindosh suddently came and replaced me. Now he's Sokolov #2 (and my nemesis).

People usually prefer to be Corvo, just because he's the main protagonist of the game. Wrong! You need to explain why you want to be him in every detail! Like me, for example.

In high choas, I and Corvo are pretty similar: we are mysanthropists, we punish evil people by death, saving innocent and terrified ones... mostly of what people do in Dishonored, I think. XD

    • Like Corvo, who's seen as a terrifying killer in Dunwall, I am seen as a scaring person in the real life. My father admitted that!
    • We mind our own business, unless somebody askes us about something.
    • We both listen to black "hypersuperantiabbeyofeverymannightmarishantioutsiderdeadly" metal.
    • We both hate traitors. Yes, traitors. As Dante Alighieri said in the Divine Comedy, they deserve a special place in Mephisto's (CENSORED).
    • We hate politics - look what Hiram Burrows did to Dunwall! He's such a burro(w) (hope you understand the joke)...
  • Motorized Patriots (I know they don't have nothing to do with Dishonored. I'm just linking to my favorite Wikia pages)

My bodyguards. I love those robotized porcelain dolls!

Or "Big Daddy" or "Mr. Bubble", as you prefer. Those monsters apparently worship whales (and speak their language) and, consequently, the Outsider.

Stuff on Me XD

The Heart quotes on me

"X-Machinist-X keeps one of the deepest secret: it's a... 'she'."

"X-Machinist-X has spied upon Samuel Beechworth as he bathes. More than once."

"X-Machinist-X greatly admires Admiral Havelock for his cleverness, coolness and... muscles."

"X-Machinist-X is a powerful necromancer disguised as an Overseer."

"X-Machinist-X was expelled from the academy of natural philosophy" - -AnAssassin-

"In the reality, X-Machinist-X stalks Samuel Beechworth, following him everywhere he goes. In the dreams, Samuel is the one who stalks X-Machinist-X".

"Samuel thinks X-Machinist-X is just trying to sell him something." - Mice Overseer

"X'Machinist-X has recently discovered it's a Mingler sent in the Dishonored Universe".

Friendly Facts

X-Machinist-X is a robot disguised as a human, waiting for the day that their shape-shifting robot overlords decide to take control of the Earth and grossly overcharge anyone who uses the self-checkout aisle at the grocery store. Essie Essex (talk) 22:53, October 31, 2015 (UTC)

Join Beechworthood!

Samuel, the Lord of the Sea

  • Praise Samuel, the Lord of the Sea, and the Outsider, the Lord of Whales, and join Politeism!
  • Shall Samuel enlight the path for a lower chaos in the fallen city of terror and oppression, driven by the corrupted Hiram Burrows, and preventing Corvo Attano's fall in the heart of desperation.
  • Shall Samuel blame the player for the High Chaos run and alert the City Watch with his inoffensive Pistol.

Let's stop with preys!

  • Despite his coolness, do not underestimate Samuel: he may look old and fragile, but when he's pissed off... you'd better not be on the range.
  • Samuel is one of the biggest fans of Grand Theft Auto Series: his boat "Amaranth" is a hint that he has once stealed the boat from the Kingsparrow Island, where other Amaranth boats can still be found[2]. (Oh, the welcome mat comes with each Amaranth, if you don't know it - it's not about the lazyness of the developers to customize each boat)
    • Not casually, Samuel is the Dishonored (and good) version of Niko Bellic , the protagonist of Grand Theft Auto IV: both they come from the sea, both they wear ruined stinky clothes, but more expecially fingerless gloves[3].
  • Samuel's exact opposite counterpart is Jack Cayman, the protagonist of MadWorld.
    • Unlike Samuel, Jack Cayman would join Corvo Attano in his missions and slaughtering parties, because he "doesn't help people, but kills them"[4].
  • What may have ever happened if Farley Havelock had never become the Admiral? Only Elizabeth can give us the response through a Tear. (Blame me! XD)


This may be a list of fan characters, created by me, and modified versions of few existing characters that may have ever appeared in an alternative version of Dishonored.

Admiral Samuel

Admiral Samuel is the admiral version of Samuel Beechworth, an ex-Navy sailor and Loyalists' boatman, who appears in the alternative time of Dishonored.

Born from a poor family in a little country, in the isle of Gristol, Samuel grew up under the severe education of his parents and was the older brother of an "un-named brother[5]". His father wanted him to become, one day, an Overseer, for which Samuel initially agreeded, but something in his heart deserved him a special place: the sea. At the age of eighteen, Samuel leaved his home to join the Navy under Captain Farley Havelock, a man with great skills and mind. The young man greatly admired the Captain and learned many things from him, becoming under the eye of the Captain a good pupil and, time later, vice-Captain by Havelock himself. Nearly 2 years later from the nomination, during a violent seastorm while fighting a ship of pirates, Havelock, now the new Admiral of the Gristol Fleet, lost his life in the battle. Heartbroken for the loss, the young Samuel replaced him, becoming the new Admiral and trying his best to lead the Navy and serve the Empress, Jessamine Kaldwin. For his wisdom and sparing many lives in many battles, Admiral Samuel became one of the greatest men of the history of the Navy of Gristol. ... But despite his appearance and the determination, something was wrong in him.

After the Empress' death and Emily Kaldwin's dissapearance, Admiral Samuel refuses to serve under the Lord Reggent, Hiram Burrows, and gets espelled from the Navy. Angered, he tries his best to approach and face Burrows, but the tyrant has him arrested and sent to the Coldridge Prison. After spending a month in prison, he manages to escape the prison with the help of a Watch Lower Guard and tries to organize a revolution with a group of trustful men. So, the Admiral becomes the leader of the Revolutionists, a large group of people who are against the corrupted monarchy of Hiram Burrows. A bloody war against the Lord Regent begins. The Admiral is completely changed. With the created confusion, Corvo Attano, the Royal Protector who was wrongly accused of regicide, initially joins the Revolutionists, but the sight of a horrific war, with innocents being killed by the Revolutionists, corrupted City Watch members and Sokolov's drones, is too much for him. Sooner, Corvo leaves the group and the contrast happens between him and Samuel, who considers him a traitor and immediately becomes hostile to him. As Corvo starts searching Emily Kaldwin, the legitimate heir to the throne who was kidnapped during Jessamine's assassination, so Admiral Samuel and his Revolutionists group continue their fight against Hiram Burrows, in his personal drone, and his men, nearly succeeding in the attempt of killing the Lord Regent. The monarch is defeated. Corrupted in heart and with the desire of revenge, Admiral Samuel executes Burrows and becomes the new Lord Regent. Nobody has expected to see him becoming the next regent of a destroyed Dunwall, wondering if he has completely forgot about the Empress' daughter and heir to the throne, Emily Kaldwing, or he has simply studied the plan since the beginning of the revolution. So, the Revolutionists group splits into two opposite groups: Kaldwin Loyalists, those who are trustful to the Kaldwin family, and the Beechworthood, faithful to the self-proclamed Lord Regent. The war continues, becoming worse and worse. Corvo is still looking for Emily Kaldwin.

There are possible fates on Admiral Samuel, depending on Corvo Attano's success in finding Emily Kaldwin and on the caos level.

  • Low Chaos: Corvo succeeds in finding Emily Kaldwin, but the news about Admiral Samuel becoming the new Lord Regent makes things more difficult. Determined to put on the throne the right crown's heir, Corvo faces the Admiral and his new robot army, previously belonged to Hiram Burrows, in the Dunwall Tower.
    • If Corvo successfully spares Admiral Samuel, Emily becomes the new Empress, the war stops, the Admiral gets executed in public with the accuse of high betrayal and his followers get arrested. Dunwall comes back to normality and a golden era begins.
    • If Corvo successfully kills the Admiral, Emily Kaldwin becomes the new Empress, but the man can't be longer the Lord Protector, since he has killed a man under the eyes of a young lady, traumatizing her. Corvo leaves Dunwall in search of adventures for his own.
  • High Chaos: Corvo discovers Emily Kaldwin's corpse among the killed civilians in the Flooded District. Heartbroken, Corvo decides to avenge the poor lady by killing Admiral Samuel, who has become the new Lord Regent and he's responsible for the bloody war which killed Emily. Once reached the Dunwall Tower, Corvo faces the Admiral.
    • If Corvo spares Admiral Samuel, he gets him and his followers arrested for a future execution. Meanwhile, a closed member to the Kaldwin's family is chosen to become the new Emperor. The war ends, Dunwall gets rebuilt and a great technological era begins, in which robots and pollution build tomorrow's future.
    • If Corvo kills Admiral Samuel, the Beechworthood group surrends to him and the Kaldwin Loyalists proclaim him hero of the city. Despite it, the desperation comes in the city for the news of Emily Kaldwin's death. A closer member of the Kaldwin's family can't be found to be placed on the empty throne. Chaos spread on all the Isles. Corvo tries his best to set things right, but without luck. A dark era begins.
In both chaos, if Corvo is killed by Admiral Samuel, the Lord Regent continues ruling the Empire through oppression and fear. The war continues endless. Years later, the closer member to the Kaldwin's family avenges the throne, killing Samuel, becoming the most ruthless Emperor that the Empire has never seen.

Admiral Samuel Beechworth, man of faith and royalty. Both lost. He always liked the Empress. Maybe even loved her. Do not underestimate this man: he may look nice, but he's good enough to hide his true nature. If the previous Admiral [Farley Havelock] killed men and whales for profit and pleasure, this one is worse. Nothing can stop him from reaching his goal. The Admiral is closer to his death. He well knows it. He needs a male heir as soon as possible!

  • Admiral Samuel was "born" from a boredom moment, in which the modder [X-Machinist-x] thought for pure fun of a fusion between Farley Havelock and Samuel Beechworth. The result? Samuel in Havelock's body!
  • The Alternate Dishonored is greatly inspired to another Bethesda's game, Wolfenstein - The New Order, for the war and the presence of drones.
  • Another game Alternate Dishonored takes inspiration from is Bioshock Infinite, in which there's a totalitarian city, Columbia, and a group of rebellous people from its margins, the "Vox Populi".
  • The Alternate Dishonored doesn't have the Rat Plague.
    • Hiram Burrow was able to find another way to have the Empress, Jessamine Kaldwin, killed: a glass of Tyvian red.
  • Admiral Samuel's personality has changed drastically after his arrest, because it was "something unbearable" and a "dishonor to him, the Admiral of the Navy Fleet".
    • The word Dishonored gets many meanings here! XD
  • The "closed member to the Kaldwin's family" is a young man whose behavior is similar to Emily's, but more mature when facing dangerous situations.
    • He's 24 years old.
    • If Corvo gets killed, the young man receives the Outsider's Mark. The Outsider's reason is to see if "a young man and next to the throne is able to claim the crown, possibly without using His gift [[[Supernatural Abilities|new powers]]] for bad purposes".
      • Evidently, the revenge on Emily's death and Admiral Samuel becoming the new overwhelming Lord Regent are the reasons why the new marked man unleashes his powers without control, killing as many people as possible and becoming the ruthless Emperor.
    • In the Low Chaos end, the man is one of the aristocrats who support the Empress Emily in her politics.
    • In the High Chaos end, the man becomes "suddently" the Emperor of the Isles and promotes, without thinking about possible bad consequences, the evolution of Sokolov tecnology and, consequently, the utility of robots.
      • Doing so, the future of Dunwall is seen as an overpowered era, with the city becoming a battlefield between humans and robots.

Justin Gravestone (Fan Dishonored Character)

Justin Gravestone is a doctor, cursed by a witch, who appears in a fan-side story of Dishonored.

Born in Tyvia from a couple of Gristian[6] medics, Justin Gravestone was a very smart child; unlike other children, he developed a morbid interest in medicine and science thanks to his family's influence. Because of his intelligence, Justin was sent to one of the most prestigious schools of Tyvia. After his parents' death, at the age of 20, Justin moved to the isle of Gristol to continue his studies in medicine, hoping to enter The Academy of Natural Philosophy one day. Unluckily, he couldn't enter the Academy due to his younger age. Determined to become of the greatests medics of the Empire of the Isles, Justin travelled to all the isles, finding several cures to save people, becoming so the most noticeable figure in the world of the medicine. Even to Anton Sokolov himself. At the age of 35, when the infamous Rat Plague came, Justin did his best to save as many lives as possible, trying also to find a cure for it. But one evening, when he was giving the potion to save an old woman from the plague, the woman revealed to be a young witch and made a curse on him for amusement: his brown hair became immediately white with shades of gray, his skin became pale, and the man was forced to eat the rests of dead Weepers. "Never help a stranger, expecially if a witch", she said and disappeared. And so, to hide the signs of the curse and avoid being recognised, afraid of being hunted by the Overseers, Justin started to wear a white mask. The Plague Doctor of Gristol was born.

In parallel to the events of Dishonored, Justin Gravestone travels for all the isle of Gristol, visiting each city, to find a cure to destroy the spell that the witch had caused. As time passes, he soon discovers that the curse has granted him unusual powers, all related to the darkness. Determined to use them to defeat the witch, Justin starts to look for her. As he travels, Justin uses his powers to help people from danger, becoming a sort of a [mysterious] hero. Sooner, his deeds are told everywhere, reaching also the Abbey of Everyman, where the Overseers are suspicious and send one of their best witchunters to investigate the man and kill him, if necessary. And so the fatal meeting between Justin and Roger, the witchunter, happens.

  • Justin's dark power "Shadow Crows" shows a strong resemblance with the Vigor "Murder of Crows" from the game Bioshock Infinite.
    • FUN FACT: the creator of the character didn't know of the Vigor existence before creating Justin and deciding which powers he could get.

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