aka Amon

  • I live in Pennsylvania
  • My occupation is An Overseer of the Abbey of The Everyman
  • I am Male
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(Thought I'd add more about my self and my daily life around the abbey)
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"They who put their trust in the Outsider grasp at water and drown!!. Litany fourth day verse eleven"-Amon
"Even if my body breaks I will have my revenge , PREPARE YOURSELF"-Amon
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"Even if my body breaks I will have my revenge , PREPARE YOURSELF"-Amon

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Amon is the one who will find you and burn you.

Overseer dishonored 2



me on a Saturday night

Once upon a time in a city called Dunwall there was one Overseer who stood from all the rest this mans name was W-A-R-F-A-R-E O-V-E-R-S-E-E-R.

A devout follower of the Abbey Amon was one of the many children whom were selected to undergo the trials of aptitude to become an Overseer. He was one of the boys whom succeeded and from that day fourth became an Overseer he is very zealous often calling other members of the wikia heretics(he joined the wiki to spread the teachings of the abbey).


"You know I love cleansing heretics"-Amon before beating a heretic

Amon has been shown to be very zealous and also honorable however he can also be very sadistic taking much pleasure in hurting, slaughtering, and mutilating heretics.

Friendly Facts

Amon is not really an Overseer, but a male Pandyssian witch disguising himself as an Overseer in a yet-unsuccessful attempt to rally the city under his philosophy and put an end to all religion of any kind. 8-Bit Jack (talk) 04:20, May 25, 2013 (UTC)

It is widely known that Amon has a beautiful speaking voice, and people come from far and wide to fight him, just so they can hear him speak, as he recites the Seven Scriptures before they die. Little do his victims know that Amon lures them deliberately, sacrificing their corpses to the Outsider, in payment for his beautiful and deadly voice. Essie Essex (talk) 04:39, May 25, 2013 (UTC)

Amon entered the Overseer Order at a late age, and did not see his parents burned alive in front of him. He has always regretted this misfortune and mark against his standing in the brotherhood. Molotov.cockroach (talk) 15:54, May 25, 2013 (UTC)

I Kick Puppies WarfareOverseers (talk) 15:35, August 29, 2013 (UTC)

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