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For technical stuff, I can assist you with (in decreasing order of expertise):

If I can't help you, I probably know someone who can. :)


Here are some examples of what can be done on your wiki.

Templates and CSS can produce things like this:


Shout out to Thomaslove92 for the border image.

Portable Infoboxes can be styled to fit your needs:


DPL can pull data from various pages to produce useful lists:

| resultsheader = A list of ''Dragon'' magazines from 1976.\n
| category = Dragon magazine issues&Published in 1976
| uses = Template:Dragon magazine
| include = {Dragon magazine¦ListDragonMagsByYearWithCover.format}
| table =  class="wikitable sortable" style="text-align:center;", Issue, Editor, Edition, Publisher, Cover

The code above produces:


DPL can be used to create a fan-made index:

{{IndexLink|Click here for page index}}
{{P|[[Alastrah]]|197}} • {{P|[[Arik Stillmarsh]]|73}} • 
{{P|[[Arleosa Starhenge]]|52, 72}} • {{P|[[Augrek Brighthelm]]|38, 41, 42, 247}} • 
{{P|Sir [[Baric Nylef]]|40, 41, 44, 249|Baric Nylef, Sir}} • 
{{P|[[Beldora]]|40, 41, 44, 249}} • {{P|[[Bog Luck]]|78}} • 
{{P|[[Boldor Steelshield]]|82}} • {{P|[[Braxow]]|207}} • 
{{P|[[Brimskarda]]|184}} • {{P|[[Chalaska Muruin]]|73}} • {{P|[[Cinderhild]]|182}} • 
{{P|[[Claugiyliamatar|Claugiyliamatar (Old Gnawbone)]]|52, 95}} • 
{{P|[[Cog (hill giant)|Cog]]|209}} • {{P|[[Cressaro]]|193}} • 
{{P|[[Cryovain]]|165}} • {{P|[[Darathra Shendrel]]|53, 54, 60, 61, 253}} • 
{{P|[[Darz Helgar]]|54, 60, 61, 253}} • {{P|[[Dasharra Keldabar]]|42, 83}} • 

Fans enter page numbers as they wish and DPL produces:


With DPL, you can perform logic operations on categories:

 | allowcachedresults = false
 | execandexit        = {{#if:{{#dplvar:cat1}}||please specify a category via <code>&cat1=</code> in the URL!<br />²{/doc}²}}
 | execandexit        = {{#if:{{#dplvar:cat2}}||please specify a category via <code>&cat2=</code> in the URL!<br />²{/doc}²}}
 | resultsheader      = <span style="font-size: 120%;">²{#replace:Pages in [[:Category:{{#dplvar:cat1}}¦{{#dplvar:cat1}}]] AND [[:Category:{{#dplvar:cat2}}¦{{#dplvar:cat2}}]]¦_¦ }²</span><hr />The following %TOTALPAGES% page²{#ifeq: %TOTALPAGES% ¦1¦ is¦s are}² in both categories.
 | noresultsheader    = <span style="font-size: 120%;">Pages in ²{#replace:[[:Category:{{#dplvar:cat1}}¦{{#dplvar:cat1}}]] AND [[:Category:{{#dplvar:cat2}}¦{{#dplvar:cat2}}]]¦_¦ }²: none</span><hr />
 | category           = {{#dplvar:cat1}}&{{#dplvar:cat2}}
 | redirects          = include
 | mode               = category
 | ordermethod        = sortkey

The above code can be used to produce:


With Lua, you can do almost anything:

local function getMonthHtml(FRmonth, phaseDay, phases)
    local link, altLink = '', ''
    local rows = mw.html.create('')
    for tenday = 0, 2 do
        for day = 1, 10 do
            altLink = tostring(day + 10*tenday)
            link = FRmonth..' '..altLink
            if phases['D'..phaseDay] then
                  :wikitext(string.format(phases['D'..phaseDay], link))
            phaseDay = phaseDay + 1
    return tostring(rows)

Add some CSS and you can get this:


Shout out to Thomaslove92 for the scroll image and Sirwhiteout for doing the lunar math.

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