A position of zero influence or importance in the Abbey of the Everyman, the role of Mice Overseer was created by High Overseer Thaddeus Campbell as a means of keeping his idiot brother out of the way of his political machinations. Perfectly content in his role as Chief Superintendent of the Rodent Affairs Bureau, the brother was safely kept busy feeding the mice in the corner of a disused broom cupboard.

However, in the chaos that followed the downfall of High Overseer Teague Martin, the position was never abolished, and up-and-coming Overseers dread appointment to 'The Closet' to this very day.

Friendly Facts

  • Unbeknownst to many, "Mice Overseer" is actually an anagram for Crime Oversee, which sheds an entire new light on the Rodent Affairs Bureau. --Grizzhly

The Heart quotes on me

  • "Don't get fooled by Mice Overseer: he's not a mice, but an Overseer." X-Machinist-X
  • He is the bane of Amon's life

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