"Die Ratte symbolisiert filmische Redundanz"
—Ralph Wiggum

I Am The Ruin Of His House

I am Grizzhly and have been a Dishonored fan since I saw footage of the game's intro mission on Youtube. I have played the game multiple times since, prefering the non-lethal routes while doing so. While I enjoyed Dishonored 2 as well, I felt as if something were missing although I can't exactly say why.

Some of my favourite characters

  • Daud, my favourite Dishonored character as of yet
  • Luca, I find his entire character and behaviour so insanely arrogant and pompous that it's actually quite funny
  • Sokolov, the Natural Philosopher I like most from the bunch
  • Delilah, I find her to be a far more interesting villain as the Lord Regent or Havelock.
  • Thomas, not as fleshed out as Billie but I liked his professional, I-know-my-place-attitude more
  • Martin, in my opinion the most dangerous of the Loyalists
  • The Outsider, always watching, judging (at least until DOTO)
  • Alexandria Hypatia, and her sister, by far my favourite characters in Dishonored 2.
  • Aramis Stilton
  • The master swimmer of the Grand Palace, just because he screwed me over colossaly.
Artwork I like
Friendly Facts
  • On the run and fearing for his life after committing unspeakable crimes on the Villains and Game of Thrones wikis, Grizzhly realised his only chance at refuge lay in hiding amongst the misfits on the Dishonored wiki. Now he bides his time, waiting for the moment when he can move on... or strike back. Mice Overseer (talk) 00:57, November 6, 2016 (UTC)
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