• I live in New York
  • I was born on September 15
  • I am Male

Grammar errors ARE a capital offense. Violators will be hunted down and brutally murdered.

Crazywarfire here but please, call me Crazy.

I am a high chaos player who slaughters anything and makes murder scenes look set up (Example: Strapping Campbell to the interrogator chair, throw a knocked out Geoff Gurnow next to him and shoot Campbell. It makes it look like Curnow branded him and murdered him). I am also a writer who likes writing about action/suspense stories. Thanks 8-bit for the below friendly fact.

Things I Learned About Myself from Playing Dishonored

I love this game for, well, almost everything. The freedom of choice, the fact that its a "actions speak louder than words" game, the first-person sword fights, creative ways to decimate platoons and so many other reasons however it has taught me somethings about myself.

I am truly a horrible person

Before you say "Don't worry, I gave Lady Boyle to the basement rapist too," I did more than that. There was a maid and a city watch guard talking about getting married. I torched the maid's soon-to-be husband and made her watch him die then I knocked her out and threw both of them into a bathtub. How would you feel if you watched your future spouse get fried then woke up in a bathtub with their corpse which is burnt to a crisp ontop of you? Other than that, I also learned I'm perfectly fine with senselessly, brutally murdering guards, looters, civilians, plague victims and just about damn well everyone.

I am a very creative person when it comes to killing also

Being a writer, I create many unique characters and set them on certain plots which will either have them reach their ultimate goal/demise. Dishonored allows me create the most psychotic and out-of-the-water kills. Example; Lady Boyle's Last Party, I knocked out all three Boyle woman and took them to where the giant wall of light was, shut it off, stopped time, turned it back on and then watched as the sister where instantaneously disintegrated. Another example; in combat, I froze time just as a guard fired his gun. I possessed another guard, stood him in front of the bullet then shot an explosive bullet to the guard who orginally fired the gun. As we all can tell, two for the price of one. I have many other examples and I'll probably post a video about them later on.

If I ever become a serial killer, I would be damn-well good at it

Similar to my creativity on kills, I've discovered that I'm also good at making murders look set up. Example; I knocked out both Campbell and Curnow, strapped Campbell to the interrogation chair, threw Curnow next to him and shot Campbell with the gun. I'm pretty sure that when they go investigate the murder, they'll assume that Curnow strapped Campbell to the chair and killed the High Overseer. Curnow takes the blame and anyone who witnessed me would already be dead and re-located to a place where they'll never find the bodies.

Double cross me, you fucking die

With Hiram's betrayal, I already said "You're going to get a sword driven into your body and I will laugh at you," and sure enough, when the time came, I exposed him as the traitor who composed the Empress' murder then as he was being confronted by guards, I slayed him. After the Loyalist betrayed me, I came back and lit them all on fire... Except Samuel, he was alright. I shot him with a sleep dart before he could betray me and placed him in a safe place. Pendleton got thrown knocked out and thrown off the highest point of that level, Martin took about three spring razors so he is more than dead and Havelock, I fired every projectile I had at him. Regular bullets, regular bolts, incendiary bolt and explosive bullets all went through his body at the same time (Thanks Stop Time ability!!!).

I am a strategic master at infiltration

On The Light at the End (high chaos), I turned their watch tower, arc pylons and walls of light all against them. Needless to say, I had that part cleared within mere seconds.

So yeah. I may or may not live up to the title "Crazy."

Dishonored Drinking Game

Fellow alcoholics, I got bored one day and decided to make a drinking game out of Dishonored. Here is how it works.

  • You collect a rune or bone charm - 1 shot
  • You fully alert the guards - 1 shot
  • You kill a guard - 1 shot
  • You kill a civilian - 2 shots
  • You encounter an assassin - 3 shots
  • You use blink - 2 shots
  • You use stop time - 3 shots
  • You neutralize your target through non-lethal means - 4 shots
  • You just outright kill your target - 5 shots
  • You complete a mission in High Chaos - 6 shots
  • You complete a mission in Low Chaos - 7 shots
  • You die - Finish your bottle

And that's the game.

Friendly Facts

Crazywarfire is a sick deranged pervert who is pleased at the notion of mother-daughter incest. It reminds him of the hunt. 8-Bit Jack (talk) 02:08, February 21, 2013 (UTC)

Crazywarfire is a video game character who is stuck in our world. He does not know this and so goes about with business as usual, violently stabbing people and using his powers to set them on fire. Essie Essex (talk) 20:11, June 30, 2013 (UTC)

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