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DotO Upper Cyria Canals

The Upper Cyria district by the canals.

The Upper Cyria District is an upper class location in Karnaca near Cyria Gardens. In Dishonored: Death of the Outsider, Billie Lurk travels to the district twice to investigate leads on the Eyeless.



Malveros Victory Plaza in the daytime.

Upper Cyria is located on a cliff north-east from Cyria Gardens, crossed by a canal that meets the Seta Canal in Karnaca Bay. The district has its own carriage station but can also be reached by boat through waterlocks. Several businesses famous among the high class are set there, notably the Dolores Michaels Deposit & Loan Bank, the Red Camellia beauty parlor, the private Spector Club and the offices of the Karnaca Gazette. Among its inhabitants are high profile members of the city: the opera singer Shan Yun and City Administrator Ivan Jacobi.


  • Unlike most districts in Karnaca, Upper Cyria has street signs.
  • A black market shop is located underneath Ferella Way.
  • Georgie Botello, the Cyrian Mime, often performs on Duchess Lisandra Avenue.
  • Eolina Rey, owner of the Red Camellia, lives just off Malveros Victory Plaza.
  • Dead Man's Bluff in Upper Cyria is infamous as a suicide spot.
  • The working name for this district was "Rich District", as seen in the game's files and developer portfolios.
  • According to the driver of the crashed carriage car, he was trying to dodge a "phasing wolfhound" and suddenly, the lightpost came out of nowhere.
  • Throughout the district, there are torn out banners of a Tyvian Burial Urns exhibition. This is the same type of banner that can be found in front of Bunting's apartment in Dishonored.