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Breanna Ashworth, author of the note.

Unfinished Letter to Delilah is a written note found in Dishonored 2.



When we can't talk, I write. There are things only you will understand. Daily, I feel my connection to the Void growing. And through me, your power calls out to those who would join our Coven. New faces, new voices.

Our bond is stronger than it was at Brigmore, yet you feel so far away. If we were together, I could say more! It is as if I can see beyond the air, into another time or place. You have parted a curtain I never knew was there.

Oh, Delilah, strange and beautiful whispers are carried on the breeze. I am forever grateful of being your instrument.


The note can be found in the Royal Conservatory, on Breanna Ashworth's desk during the mission The Royal Conservatory.