A wolfhound, a domesticated breed of the Tyvian hounds.

"I am from Meya. There, the howls of the hounds start as soon as the sun dips below the horizon."
—Dasha Katko, Hunter, Fur Trader.

Tyvian hounds are a breed of dogs native to Tyvia. They inhabit the frozen wastelands of the island, and are said to be very cunning and ferocious. Their howls can be frequently heard in Tyvia which usually means something or someone has become their prey.[1]

They are hunted, along with bears and rabbits, for their furs which are used to make the iconic Tyvian greatcoats.[1] According to an account of a hunter, it takes a group of people with considerable skill and experience to hunt these animals, and even then it is a dangerous job. Some people in Meya believe that the hounds were once human who are lost to the wilderness, hungry for warmth and flesh, and it is a kindness to kill a hound to release the person trapped within. At some point in history, the Tyvian hounds were domesticated, creating the modern day wolfhound breed.[2]


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