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Trial of Constance Bow is a written note found in Death of the Outsider.


Conducted by Roving Vice Overseer Alvaro Cardoza.

Prisoner: Constance Bow, of Pottershed (female, 28 years of age)
Offence: Heresy (possession of profane artefacts)
Verdict: Guilty
Punishment: Reformation (musical therapy)

Inventory of items confiscated from prisoner after capture in the Royal Conservatory. Submitted as evidence of witchcraft.

One (1) sharpened piece of bone (unknown origin, possibly human).
Three (3) rat tails, severed.
Five (5) pieces of braided hari, two singed as if by flame (unknown origins, human).
One (1) hand-mirror, broken (possibly innocuous).
One (1) waxwork doll, fashioned to look like the former Grand Inventor (burned on site - silvergraph of the offending item has been filed). Item had been struck with several hairpins in the neck, head and groin.
Six (6) pieces of whalebone, inscribed with lewd images.
One (1) pair of testicles, dried and strung together. Found tied around the prisoner's neck. (When asked the origin, the prisoner stated that they were "your own".)

GUILTY - Prisoner will be subject to experimental musical therapy to remove her wilful nature and attraction to black magic.


This note can be found on the desk in the cellar of the Royal Conservatory during the mission The Stolen Archive.