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"I assure you, I rub shoulders with some of Karnaca's best people."
—Trevor to a maid

Trevor is a minor character in Dishonored 2. He is a guest at Stilton Manor found during the mission, A Crack in the Slab.


Trevor had been in a relationship of some type with Mindy Blanchard. At one point during this relationship, he began to fear Mindy after she joined the Howlers, the infamous gang led by Paolo. Mindy embraced this new life and the freedom it offered but Trevor appeared too timid to join up. This perceived weakness irritated Mindy and she wrote him, saying she'd already replaced him, but left the door open in case he ever did want to join the gang.

Dishonored 2

During the mission A Crack in the Slab, when either Corvo Attano or Emily Kaldwin, goes to Stilton Mansion, Trevor can initially be found on the second floor talking with a maid. The maid warns him that Duke Luca Abele and his party don't wish to be disturbed. Trevor is uncertain how to take her tone, reminding her that he rubs shoulders with some of the best people in Karnaca. The maid advises him that it's not a good idea to get tangled in the inner circle and that Aramis Stilton only seems to tolerate them. The maid then walks off to attend to her duties. Trevor muses that having guests at the last minute that is not something Aramis would do. If left undisturbed, he starts reading a book, talking to himself about the Duke's inner circle and how unexpected it is to find such a beautiful manor in the middle of the mining district.


  • Trevor name is discovered on a note.
  • Trevor might have been Mindy's husband or boyfriend before joining the Howlers.
  • Despite her apparent disdain for the timidity displayed by Trevor, Mindy seemed to have genuine feelings for him. Even though she berates him in her goodbye letter, she leaves the door open for him to join the Howlers, hinting at a possibly of their reconciliation if he does so.