Lord Treavor Pendleton is a Loyalist and the younger brother of the twin lords Custis and Morgan Pendleton. He states many a time that both of his brothers were very cruel to him as a child, at one point mentioning that as a baby, he was tied to his crib and left to the mercy of a "bundle of vipers" that they had placed next to him.


During his time as a Loyalist, Treavor stays at the Hound Pits pub with his manservant, Wallace, although he does occasionally leave to travel to Pendleton Manor. Over the course of Dishonored, Treavor keeps an audiograph log in his room, which updates after every one of Corvo Attano's major assignments.

Lord Pendleton, after having aligned himself with the Loyalist conspiracy, requires the control of his elder brothers' parliamentary holdings. Before "House of Pleasure", Lord Pendleton asks Corvo to kill both of his brothers so that he may use their votes to aid the Loyalists' aims.

At first, Treavor is evidently hurt by their assassinations, as he states that he doesn't want to talk about it. However, if Corvo aids Slackjaw instead, which results in the brothers being forcibly kidnapped and thrown to work in their own slave labor mines, Treavor discovers that they are alive through his contacts.

In this case, he will slip Corvo a thank-you letter, as well as a gold ingot as a reward. Rather hypocritically, he expresses that it does not matter to him that they are miserable, so long as they are alive, despite having asked Corvo to kill them earlier on.

He is later found to have been conspiring with Farley Havelock and Teague Martin to eliminate all of the other members of the Loyalist conspiracy, in order to cover up all the crimes they have committed. Whether Pendleton was actually a mastermind of this plan or if he just went along with Havelock and Martin is unknown, as this is said by Callista Curnow when Corvo returns to the Hound Pits pub.


Low chaos

In Corvo's final mission, Treavor is found dead along with Teague, presumably having been poisoned by Havelock.

High chaos

In the high chaos version of the final mission, Treavor is seen arguing with Teague on a balcony, which eventually leads to Martin firing at him twice.

When Martin shoots at Pendleton the second time and his bullet will hit above Pendleton's head, Martin retreats to another room to think on how to get past the gates. Pendleton then retreats to a blown open wall, he can be seen talking to an officer about how it's "all over". If Corvo, freezes time and blinks onto the scaffolding he will notice Pendleton holding his bloodied side.. It is unclear who actually shot Pendleton as he tells his officer "he got me" referring to Martin, but he tells Corvo he was taken by a stray bullet and he "won't even know who killed him." It is at this point that Corvo is able to decide Treavor's fate. Corvo can either kill him or allow him to bleed to death from his wound after he finishes talking, or use a sleep dart, both of which which count as neutralizing the target.


  • He is commented as being full of cowardice and envy by Samuel and The Heart, respectively.
  • Treavor has something of a drinking problem, which is exacerbated by his nervousness concerning the Conspiracy, and guilt over his involvement with his brothers fates.

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