Trains typically move along elevated tracks.

Trains are a source of transportation in Dunwall and Karnaca. They are powered by whale oil on electrified rails. Trains are often utilized to transport cargo around, such as the silver from Stilton Mines. In the Rat Plague, they were also used to carry the bodies of plague victims to various dumping sites across Dunwall, where they are simply dropped down from the rails by tilting the train's cabin to the side. Trains carrying and disposing these bodies are referred to as 'corpse carts' by the local populace of the Flooded District.

They are the only vehicle in Dishonored that can be "ridden" by jumping on top of them, other than the boat Corvo Attano arrives on in the prologue and the Amaranth in the opening cutscene of every mission. It is revealed during the mission The Flooded District that people have tried to escape from the Flooded District by riding on trains, but that most attempts result in death.


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