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The Tower District as seen from the river.

The Tower District is the district of Dunwall surrounding Dunwall Tower. It is a location in Dishonored 2 and Dishonored: The Return of Daud.


The Tower District borders the Wrenhaven River, facing the Old Port District. Its two main locations are Dunwall Tower and Coldridge Prison, both being a contrast to each other. While the palace connects to Kaldwin Boulevard, the prison can only be accessed from the palace itself.

The neighborhood circles around Dunwall Tower in decreasing levels of status. Closest to the palace are houses and offices for wealthy merchants, aristocrats and high officials. Further out are traders serving the Imperial Court, shops and restaurants for the city's wealthiest.[1] Close to the riverside are docks for cargo ships and warehouses to accommodate the local businesses.

The headquarters of the Dunwall City Watch can be found in the Tower District.[2] Yet, unlike most places in Dunwall, the district is protected by the Watch's elites, private security and servants of the Royal Spymaster.[1] Yet, crime can still find a way in, with the Hatters boldly trying to expand their operations close to potential wealthy victims.

The Tower District used to be bustling with a life of its own. More than half of the buildings were emptied during the Rat Plague years after the crisis. Rumors claim the Royal Spymaster purposefully keep half the district empty in order to make the area surrounding Dunwall Tower simple and easy to defend.[1] After Delilah's rise to power, the last residents of the district have, for the most part, fled, leaving shops and apartments sitting in decay. Hatters moved in order to pilfer the empty buildings. In some cases, barricades have been erected at narrow streets, attempting to contain the Brigmore Witches.[3] Warfare Overseers led by High Overseer Khulan set a temporary base of operations in an empty apartment in preparation for their unfruitful assault to take back Dunwall Tower from Delilah and her coven of witches.


Dunwall Tower[]

Screens01 dunwall tower

The Imperial House.

Dunwall Tower is the seat of power in the Empire of the Isles. It contains the apartments of the acting Emperor or Empress and their families, those of the Imperial Court such as the Royal Spymaster's, the throne room but also reception halls and a kitchen. It was heavily fortified by the Lord Regent by the end of the Rat Plague, but restored to its former appearance under Emily's rule.

Coldridge Prison[]

The bridge and the prison

Coldridge Prison seen from Dunwall Tower.

The most infamous prison in the Empire, Coldridge is built like a modern fortress and can only be entered by a drawbridge extending to Dunwall Tower. It was fitted with modern technologies under the Lord Regent.

Kaldwin Boulevard[]

Kaldwin Boulevard 2

Kaldwin Boulevard during Delilah's Coup.

Kaldwin Boulevard stretches along the Wrenhaven River and connects to the palace. The offices of Dr. Galvani (moved in before 1852) and Ichabod Boyle of the Boyle Company can be found close to Dunwall Tower, alongside the Dunwall Courier. The Black Pony Club and a fish market can be found past the gate on the way to the docks. One apartment remained abandoned after its owner unsuccessfully locked themselves to pass the Rat Plague.[4] At least one building was on the verge of collapse, and eventually had its facade fall down before the return of Emily Kaldwin or Corvo Attano to Dunwall.


  • The dock area is a new addition to the district from the time of Dishonored, as there was nothing there but a floodwall.