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First Officer: "I don't like this job. They put four guards on top. That's not a regular deployment."
Second Officer: "Well three of us and Tom."
―Two watch officers discussing their assignment to the upper floor of the Boyle Mansion

Tom is a minor character and a City Watch Officer who appears in Dishonored during the mission Lady Boyle's Last Party. He is one of the officers assigned to the Boyle Mansion as a guard at the Boyles' party.


Tom and three other Watch Officers have been designated to patrol the upper floor of the Boyle Mansion, keeping intruders out of the area, which is off-limits to the attending party guests. He appears in the hallway between Esma's and Waverly's rooms and then diligently goes about his duties during the course of the party.

Though the other officers speak derogatively of him, Tom seems to be the only one of the four who regularly goes about his duty, as some of the other officers even go downstairs despite their orders not to do so.


  • Tom's name is discovered during the course of a conversation between the three other Watch Officers assigned to the upper floor of the mansion. They wish to have food and drink brought to them by a servant girl named Marci and complain about their predicament, having to guard the empty floor.