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Lizbet and Silvio.

To My Brother is a written note found in Dishonored 2.


Dear Emilio,
I know what you'll say, but inside I'm already dead anyway. so I have to try. I sought out the old witch, and she said it wasn't too late to cheat death. I gave her all my coins for a spell to bring back my poor Lizbet, who was as happy as a gull one minute, the next, dead and cold!

Here, I write the awful spell the woman gave me. Only for Lizbet's sake do I dare attempt it.

"Four fingers, two fresh from you, and two cold and stiff from your departed dear. Placed in a copper pot with whale's blood. and the herbals I given ye. Boil it all while you speak the words 'reverse,' until ye can speak it no more!"

Emilio, if you don't hear again from me, it means that all hope is lost.



It can be found in the mission Edge of the World in an apartment behind the Overseer Outpost in Canal Plaza at the Campo Seta Dockyards.