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"When Addermire Institute was open to the public, I was proud of working here. Cooking for the sick."
—Tina to Valerio

Tina is a character in Dishonored 2. She is a servant at Addermire Institute in Karnaca.


Tina was hired at the Addermire Institute when it was newly opened to the public. She loved working and helping people. She was proud of her work and cooking meals for the sick. She used to discuss new recipes with Dr. Hypatia. After the Duke Luca Abele of Serkonos took over the Institute and closed it, allowing nobody to be treated, she began to feel like she isn't helping anyone. She hears Dr. Vasco talking about a cure, leading her to believe that Dr. Hypatia must be ill, especially as the doctor stopped eating and wasn't seen much. This belief is further cemented when her colleague Valerio also says Dr. Hypatia isn't well. Tina makes plans to go to the market with Valerio to buy some vegetables and make Dr. Hypatia her favorite soup.

Dishonored 2[]

When Corvo or Emily goes to Addermire Institute to find Dr. Hypatia, Tina can be found working in the kitchen cleaning the floor. Valerio is asking her about the leftovers and that he used to feed them to the dogs but is not allowed to go to the kennels anymore. Tina tells him feed them to the rats. Valerio tries to cheer her up and that times are hard. Tina responds that when the Institute was open to the public, she loved working and loved discussing new things with Dr. Hypatia, but now she feels like she isn't helping anyone. She walks towards the shelves after cleaning the floor. Valerio says that things are bad now and it will be more hard without a job. She then goes to the sink cutting a fish.


  • Tina and Alexandria seems to have a good friendship. She is worried about her health.
  • Tina name is discovered on a note.