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Lord Timothy Brisby was a member of the Imperial Court during Empress Jessamine's reign, a friend to the Pendleton family and a backer of the Loyalist Conspiracy.

Corvo Attano encounters him during the mission Lady Boyle's Last Party at the Boyle Mansion. Aware of the details of Corvo's mission, Brisby seeks Corvo out and confesses that Lady Boyle is the woman he loves. He asks that Corvo not harm her, but instead bring her to the cellar of the mansion, where he has a boat waiting. He promises that if Corvo spares her, they will not be heard from again.

Brisby's request functions as the nonlethal elimination for Lady Boyle's Last Party.


  • Brisby will provide Lady Boyle's true name - Esma, Lydia, or Waverly. This information, coupled with clues provided by either Miss White or the Heart, will help Corvo to determine which of the Boyle sisters is the true Lady Boyle.
  • While the dialogue during Brisby's first encounter with Corvo leaves the matter ambiguous, when Corvo brings Lady Boyle to the cellar it is strongly implied that Brisby is her stalker rather than her lover.
  • If Corvo lures Lady Boyle to the cellar and then kills her, Brisby will react, saying "She's... dead? You monster! Oh, my dead love!".
  • In Dishonored: The Corroded Man Waverly Boyle is revealed to be the canonical subject of Brisby's obsession. It is made public that it was him who kidnapped her in 1837 and took her to his old family estate on an island somewhere. A few years later, on a journey to Gristol, he disappeared, never getting off of the boat he got on. Waverly then took charge of his estate, and his fortune.[1]
  • The design of Brisby's mask is likely based on Mexican Tigre masks.[2]