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"Beware, for history is written, not by the vanquished, but by the victor."
—Tyvian proverb, excerpt from a volume on regional customs and traditions[1]

This timeline lists all known events in the universe of the Dishonored franchise, dated following the modern calendar established across the Isles. Choices such as the fate of assassination targets or endings are not listed unless they are regarded as canon in the latest installments of the series.


Unknown year
Month of Darkness: A young boy is sacrificed in the Void by the Envisioned with the Twin-bladed Knife, thus creating the Outsider.[2][3]

Year 0

1st Day, Month of Earth
End of the Great Burning, dated as the beginning of the modern calendar.


Unknown date

The ancient civilization based in Dunwall invades what would become the city of Bastillian in Serkonos.[4]


Unknown date
Disappearance of the ancient civilization established on Dunwall's grounds, in Gristol.


Unknown date
Beginning of the First Silver Age in Karnaca.[5]


Unknown date
End of the First Silver Age in Karnaca; arrival of the disease known as The Peste. Much of old Karnaca is razed as a result.[5]


Founding of the Academy of Natural Philosophy in Dunwall.


Unknown date
Deposition of the King of Karnaca by the Duchy of Aventa. A unified Serkonos, represented by the Duke and Duchess of Karnaca, sides with Gristol during the War of Four Crowns.[6]
14th Day, Month of Songs: End of the War of Four Crowns.
2nd Day, Month of Nets: Coronation of Emperor Finlay Morgengaard I, marking the foundation of the Empire of the Isles.
20th Day, Month of Timber: The Parliament is created in Gristol.
Morgengaard commissions the first fleet of whaling ships, starting the whale trade.[7]


Coronation of Empress Valessa Morgengaard.
Coronation of Emperor Jalle Morgengaard.
Coronation of Emperor Aneirin Rhydderch.
Coronation of Emperor Ailish Rhydderch.
Coronation of Emperor Hurien Morgengaard.


Beginning of the construction of the Abbey in Dunwall, as ordered by Overseer John Clavering.
Coronation of Emperor Yefim Olaskir.
Beginning of the Rectification War, led by the Abbey of the Everyman.
End of the construction of the Abbey.
Siege of White Cliff, marking the end of the Rectification War. The Oracular Order is formed shortly thereafter.
The Abbey of the Everyman is named State Religion of the Empire.
Coronation of Empress Zolana Olaskir.
Coronation of Emperor Daniil Olaskir.


Coronation of Emperor Alexy Olaskir.
circa 1765
Birth of Vera Dubhghoill.
Birth of Theodanis Abele.[8]


circa 1780
Vera Dubhghoill receives a marriage proposal from the Emperor.
Coronation of Empress Larisa Olaskir.
12th Day, Month of Seeds: Birth of Anton Sokolov.


25th Day, Month of Nets, 1790: Vera Dubhghoill marries Lord Preston Moray, the ceremony being officiated at the Moray Estate by Emperor Alexy Olaskir.[9]

13th Day, Month of Ice: Birth of Daud in Serkonos.
25th Day, Month of Nets: Birth of Corvo Attano in Karnaca, Serkonos.
Late 1700s
Advances in mining technology start the Second Silver Age in Karnaca and the subsequent rebirth of its mining district.[10]


27th Day, Month of Nets: Burning of the ESV-Ridgegate at Wynnedown, Morley.
1st Day, Month of Ice: Beginning of the Morley Insurrection.
8th Day, Month of Clans: Assassination of the Empress Larisa Olaskir.
17th Day, Month of Clans: A Regency is established to rule the Empire during the crisis.
15th Day, Month of Seeds: End of the Morley Insurrection.
Morley settlers immigrate to Karnaca, fleeing the Morley Famine and lured by the city's new Silver Age and its flourishing fisheries. They build a village in Clemente Landing.[10]
An unknown woman is marked by the Outsider.
13th Day, Month of Wind: The Morley Famine is officially declared.
3rd Day, Month of Seeds: Coronation of Emperor Euhorn Jacob Kaldwin I.
16th Day, Month of Rain: Birth of Delilah Copperspoon.
3rd Day, Month of Earth: Birth of Jessamine Kaldwin.
Anton Sokolov paints a portrait of Vera Moray.
circa 1806-1810
Lord Preston Moray and his wife Vera explore the Pandyssian Continent. Vera is marked by the Outsider.
3rd Day, Month of Earth: The research vessel Antonia Aquillo departs for the Pandyssian Continent with Sokolov on board, looking for the Outsider.[11]
Unknown: The ill-fated expedition returns, Sokolov replacing the ship's captain, killed by a wild Pandyssian animal.[12]
1st Day, Month of Timber: Foundation of Dunwall's City Watch.


2nd Day, Month of Seeds, 1810: Vera Moray succumbs to a Pandyssian disease. Upon her recovery, she is released from the Addermire Institute.[13]
Construction of the Wind Corridor in Karnaca.
Vera Moray takes Morris Sullivan as her apprentice.
Daud arrives in Dunwall.
2nd Day, Month of Hearths: Birth of Billie Lurk.
Work starts on the Royal Conservatory in Karnaca.[14]
Discovery of ancient ruins beneath Dunwall.
Vera Moray kills her husband.
Corvo Attano wins the Blade Verbena competition in Karnaca. He is given an early officer ranking and starts serving in the Grand Guard.[15][16]
Vera Moray starts living in the streets and becomes known as Granny Rags.
28th Day, Month of Rain: Corvo is delivered to Dunwall by Duke Abele, as a political gift to the Emperor.
Month of Wind: Paloma Attano dies.[17]
7th Day, Month of Songs: Jessamine Kaldwin names Corvo Royal Protector.
Zhukov is recruited by the High Judges and named Hero of the State of Tyvia to serve their political plans.[18]
22nd Day, Month of Ice: The emperor's wife, Beatrix Blayne Kaldwin, dies in childbirth along with the child.
Thaddeus Campbell is appointed High Overseer.
Inauguration of the Royal Conservatory dedicated in honor of Beatrix Blayne Kaldwin.[19]


Anton Sokolov meets Esmond Roseburrow and learns the secret of his processed whale oil.
Daud is marked by the Outsider.
Sokolov is named Royal Physician and Head of the Academy of Natural Philosophy.
2nd Day, Month of Rain: Jessamine and Corvo become lovers.
Month of Wind: Piero Joplin enters in conflict with William Trimble on theories about the preservation of mortifying tissue.[20]
19th Day, Month of Darkness: Death of Emperor Euhorn Jacob Kaldwin.
1st Day, Month of High Cold: Coronation of Empress Jessamine Kaldwin I.
Piero and Trimble resolves their conflict with a coin toss. Trimble is forced out the Academy of Natural Philosophy.[20]
Beginning of the industrial boom across the Empire.
circa 1825-1826
Birth of Jameson Curnow.[21]
Delilah Copperspoon becomes a painter as Sokolov's apprentice.
2nd Day, Month of Rain: Birth of Emily Drexel Lela Kaldwin.
Late 1827: The events of The Oil Trail take place. Morley insurrectionists escape Coldridge Prison. The March of the Oilbloods forces labor changes on the Greaves Lightning Oil Company.
Fugue Feast: Julie Coldridge is assassinated.
Radanis Abele,[22] son of the Duke of Serkonos, murders Billie Lurk's friend and possible lover Deirdre. Lurk kills him and becomes a pariah in the underworld.[16]
8th Day, Month of Clans: The first carriage railway is built in Dunwall.
Billie Lurk joins Daud and his Whalers.
A confederation of merchants starts investing in Drapers Ward to produce high end clothing. Mortimer Hat arrives in the district with the Hatters gang.[23][24]


Hiram Burrows is appointed Royal Spymaster.
circa 1830-1833
Pistols carried by City Watch officers are upgraded with whale oil technology, under the advice of Burrows to the Empress.[25]
Delilah is marked by the Outsider.
Sokolov invents the Arc Pylons and the Walls of Light for the City Watch.
Esmond Roseburrow commits suicide.
Delilah begins a relationship with Arnold Timsh.
Month of Clans: The Rat Plague first appears in the Downmarket District and starts spreading in Dunwall.
Month of Songs: Drapers Ward crashes due to the revealed internal corruption scaring the clientele away.
Delilah founds her Coven of witches. Daud meets some of them.
The "Lonely Rat Boy" is marked by the Outsider.
Sokolov invents Tallboys for the City Watch.
Delilah moves her coven to Brigmore Manor, thus becoming the Brigmore Witches.
Piero Joplin has a vision about a mask in the Void.
The water barriers of the Rudshore Financial District break, flooding the place which becomes known as the Flooded District.
Month of Clans: Corvo departs from Dunwall, on a tour of the Empire with the mission from the Empress to find a cure to the plague.[26]
Month of Earth: Drapers Ward is affected by the plague, abandoned by the clothing businesses and is disputed between the Hatters and the Dead Eels.[27]
18th Day, Month of Earth: Assassination of the Empress Jessamine Kaldwin and abduction of her daughter, Corvo Attano is incarcerated in Coldridge Prison.
19th Day, Month of Earth: Hiram Burrows is appointed Lord Regent of the Empire by the Gristol Parliament. [28] The High Judges of Tyvia reveal Zhukov's betrayal and sentence the fallen Hero of the People to a lifetime of prison.
Unknown: The ESS Keeper brings back a giant whale to Dunwall after the seemingly loss of its First Researcher, Douglas Church. The Lord Regent gifts the whale's skeleton to his mistress, Lady Waverly Boyle.[29][30]
Unknown: General Rutherford hires four assassins to eliminate Maitland and blame the Bottle Street gang for it. The events of The Assassins Four take place.
Month of Rain: The Dead Counters commissioned by the Lord Regent start their duties under the authority of the newly appointed City Barrister, Arnold Timsh.[31]
Between the Months of High Cold and Hearths:[32] Corvo escapes from Coldridge Prison and is marked by the Outsider. Daud has a vision of the Outsider and starts searching for Delilah. The events of Dishonored, The Knife of Dunwall and The Brigmore Witches take place.
Delilah corrupts Billie Lurk.
Daud sabotages Rothwild Slaughterhouse.[33]
Daud spares Billie after her treason and she slips away to a better life.[34]
28th Day, Month of High Cold: Lady Boyle's Last Party takes place. Daud participates in and resolves gang conflict in Drapers Ward. Within the next few days, Daud visits Brigmore Manor and stops Delilah Copperspoon's plan to possess Emily Kaldwin.
Corvo spares Daud following their encounter in the Flooded District.[35]
Corvo defeats the Loyalist Conspiracy leaving all its leaders dead[28] and rescues Emily.
1st Day, Month of Timber: Coronation of Empress Emily Drexel Lela Kaldwin.
1st Day, Month of Clans: Emily convinces her father to start training her as a fighter.[36]
Unknown: Yul Khulan is appointed High Overseer. [28]
Unknown: Anton Sokolov and Piero Joplin find a cure to the Rat Plague, putting an end to most of the crisis.[28]
28th Day, Month of Clans: Alexandria Hypatia receives her Doctorate of Medicine from the Academy of Natural Philosophy.[37][38]


Unknown date: Emily survives an ambush by the Regenters with help from her friend, Alexi Mayhew. Corvo was too far to protect her.[39]
Unknown date: Corvo starts training his daughter.[40]
Unknown date: Earliest mention of silvergraphs.[41]
Unknown date: The Spector Club is founded in Karnaca.
2nd Day, Month of Timber: Sokolov demonstrates publicly for the first time the practical use of the sokolites in an event organized by Aramis Stilton at the Royal Conservatory. The experiment kills the test subjects and Kirin Jindosh takes inspiration for the lenses of his future Oraculum device.[42]
2nd Day, Month of Rain: On the day of Emily's 18th birthday, Corvo arranges a fake assassination attempt at her to test her training.[43]
Unknown date: Inauguration of the Addermire Institute of Infectious Disease in Karnaca by Dr. Hypatia.[44]
Unknown date: Rinaldo Escobar finds Galia Fleet and joins the security detail at the Golden Cat. [45]
12th Day, Month of Earth: Dr. Hypatia is decorated with the Grand Medal of Merit by the Duke Theodanis Abele for her work.[46]
The Parade of Fishmongers takes place in Karnaca.[47]
Death of Theodanis Abele.[8] His son Luca succeeds him as Duke of Serkonos.[48]
The Howlers Gang emerges as a response to the new duke's oppressive regime.[28]
circa 1847
Meagan Foster meets Anton Sokolov during his retirement in Karnaca. She invites him to live on the Dreadful Wale.[49]
circa 1847-1852
Kirin Jindosh invents Clockwork Soldiers.[28]
Unknown Date: Stilton and Duke Luca Abele inaugurate Stilton Manor's windbreak in the Batista Mining District.[50]
Month of Wind: Dolores Michaels receives the "Cultist's Blessing" tattoo at the Red Camellia.[51]
Month of Darkness: Ivan Jacobi receives the "Cultist's Blessing" tattoo at the Red Camellia.[51]
Month of High Cold: Shan Yun receives the "Cultist's Blessing" tattoo at the Red Camellia.[51]
wintertime circa 1848-1849
Zhukov finds the Outsider's sacrificial knife in the salt mine Utyrka and marks himself with it.
16th Day, Month of Rain: The Duke and his inner circle perform a ritual at Stilton Manor and Delilah is rescued from the Void. During the course of the ritual, Aramis Stilton is driven mad by what he sees. While investigating Stilton's disappearance, Meagan Foster is attacked and loses her right arm and eye.
Emily Kaldwin travels back in time from 1852 to witness the ritual and prevent Aramis Stilton from attending. Stilton retains his sanity and Meagan Foster keeps her arm and eye.[52]
Unknown date: The events of the Roseburrow Ruins take place.
Unknown date: Mortimer Ramsey enters Delilah's conspiracy and starts recruiting men of the City Watch to her cause.[53]
circa 1849-1850
Zhukov escapes Utyrka.


Between the Months of Earth and Hearths: One of Delilah's witches plans to strike chaos in Dunwall with the criminal gangs and eliminate Corvo Attano. The events of Dishonored: The Wyrmwood Deceit take place. Martha Cottings disappears with Billie Lurk.[54]
Month of High Cold: Dr. Vasco of the Addermire Institute records his and Dr. Hypatia's initial experimentation of her new serum and the first apparition of "Grim Alex".[55]
Month of Timber: The Crown Killer officially strikes for the first time in Karnaca, targeting outspoken critics of Empress Kaldwin and destabilizing the faith of her supporters in her. Duke Abele closes down the Addermire Institue and fortifies it.[28]
Unknown date: Daud returns to Karnaca in his search for the Twin-bladed Knife. He meets Thomas and asks him about Billie Lurk.[56]
Month of Harvest: Emily starts exploring Dunwall's rooftops during her night escapades.[57] The Eyeless gang starts growing influence in Karnaca.[58]
Month of Nets: Dr. Vasco creates Vasco's Formula for Eyes and Ears, to purge eyes of silver dust from the mines.[59]
7th Day, Month of Rain: Emily climbs up the Clocktower during one of her late-night forays into the city.
Between the 18th and 23rd Days, Month of Wind: The Cult of the Outsider document the reality-altering Void perturbations at the Shindaerey North Quarry.
Between the Months of Darkness and High Cold: The events of Dishonored: The Corroded Man take place.
1st Day Month of Darkness: Zhukov arrives at Dunwall with the Twin-bladed Knife. He reforms the Whaler gang with Galia Fleet and Rinaldo Escobar.
2nd Day, Month of Darkness: Malchiodi deduces that the Outsider's Mark is his name, and that returning it to him would undo the ritual binding him to the Void.[60]
8th Day, Month of Darkness: The new Whalers rob graves of their corpses in the New Mercantile District.
12th Day, Month of Darkness: The Whalers assault the crypt in Brigmore Manor.
15th Day, Month of Darkness: The Whalers crash the annual Boyle Masquerade Ball. Zhukov crafts the black mirror by sacrificing Galia and is defeated by Corvo and Emily. The Greaves Auxiliary Whale Slaughterhouse 5 is destroyed and the Twin-bladed Knife disappears.
2nd Day, Month of High Cold: Emily returns to Dunwall after recovering at Heronshaw Lake. She customizes a costume into her own stealth and combat suit.
11th Day, Month of High Cold: Malchiodi plans to find a spirit within the Ritual Hold able to pronounce the ancient language.[60]
27th Day, Month of High Cold: Malchiodi persists in his plan, despite the danger of being killed if the Cult of the Outsider finds out about it.[60]
Between the Months of High Cold and Earth: Empress Emily Kaldwin passes a decree on whale oil distribution and rationing due to shortage throughout the Empire.
25th Day, Month of Timber: Correy Brockburn is murdered by the Crown Killer in Karnaca.[61]
5th Day, Month of Songs: Eleuterio Cienfuegos has a dream of "light unfurling upwards" in Shindaerey Peak, inspiring him to ascend the mountain.[62]
14th Day, Month of Songs: High Oracle Themis has confirmation of the Oracular Order's prophecies being tampered with during the Ritual of the Prophecy of an initiate at the Baleton Chapel.
Unknown date: Breanna Ashworth closes the Royal Conservatory before the unveiling of the Roseburrow exposition to house Delilah's coven of witches. Duke Abele aids by having guards patrol access to the neighboring streets.[63][28]
circa 1852
The Bloodfly infestation grows worse than any year before,[64] rendering several areas of Karnaca unlivable.[28] The Grand Council starts calling it the "Bloodfly Concern" to cull the population's fears.
Early Month of Earth: The Crown Killer abducts Anton Sokolov for Kirin Jindosh and then delivers him to the Clockwork Mansion before departing from Karnaca to Dunwall.[65] Meagan Foster travels from Karnaca to Dunwall as well to warn the Empress.
3rd Day, Month of Earth: Cienfuegos starts painting "The Summit Illuminated".[62]
16th Day, Month of Earth: Ichabod Boyle is murdered by the Crown Killer in Dunwall.[66]
Between the Months of Earth and Harvest: The events of Dishonored: The Return of Daud take place.[67]
18th Day, Month of Earth: Commemoration of the anniversary of Jessamine's death. Delilah usurps the throne of the Empire with the complicity of Luca Abele, Duke of Serkonos.[68] Daud withnesses the Empress escape and crosses paths with the Sixways Gang. The Gang is wiped out by the Grand Guard of Serkonos, but Daud and Eat 'Em Up Jack survive and escape Dunwall.[69]
The events of Dishonored 2 begin.[70]
19th Day, Month of Earth: Sister Rosewyn has a vision of the Oraculum device, but the Oracular Order do not know yet what it is.[71]
20th Day, Month of Earth: Daud and Eat 'Em Up Jack reach Young Lucy's Grave, where they part. The assassin is bound to Potterfell.[72]
25th Day, Month of Earth: Daud reaches Potterfell and meets Maximillian Norcross.[73]
26th Day, Month of Earth: Norcross gets Daud to his mansion. The Eyeless Gang attacks it, stealing the Twin-Bladed Knife. Norcross confronts Daud and dies. The mansion is set aflame.[74]
3rd Day, Month of Harvest: Sister Rosewyn has a vision of a political assassination plot at Lord Kessington's in Morley.[71]
4th Day, Month of Harvest: The Dreadful Wale reaches Karnaca.[75][76] Emily is marked by the Outsider.[77] Daud leaves Potterstead on the Tyvian whaler ship Bear of Tamarak, bound to Karnaca.[78]
Between the Months of Harvest and Nets: Emily neutralizes the Duke and his inner circle, and recovers Delilah's spirit.[79] Delilah sets fire to the Gristol Parliament, partially destroying it.[80] High Overseer Khulan, loyal to the dethroned Empress, fails to take over Dunwall Tower with a group of Overseers and is subsequently captured and killed.
22th Day, Month of Harvest: Daud reaches Karnaca. Breanna Ashworth is already cut from the Void by Emily Kaldwin.[81]
23th Day, Month of Harvest: Daud meets Billie Lurk from the future. He touches the Twin-Bladed Knife she carried, which makes him slowly die over the span of following weeks.[82]
Between the Months of Harvest and Rain: Kirin Jindosh dies.[83][84]
24th Day, Month of Harvest: Daud is captured alive by two former witches of the Conservatory and held captive at the Albarca Baths, his powers blocked by a Suppressor. They give his location to the Eyeless but not his name.[85][86]
Month of Nets: The Dreadful Wale returns to Dunwall.[87] Emily traps Delilah in her "World as it Should Be", ends her reign and returns to the throne.[77] Paolo eventually rises to power in Karnaca with the intent of bringing justice and equity to the poor.[88]
7th Day, Month of Nets: Jeanette Lee moves her fighting club to the Albarca to use Daud in organized fights.[86]
Between the Months of Nets and Rain: Luella Price and the Rat Gang start attacking renovation workers in Dunwall. The events of Dishonored: The Peeress and the Price take place. The Clocktower is destroyed, Corvo is injured and Luella imprisoned.[89]
12th Day, Month of Nets: Fights against the "Black Magic Brute" start at the Albarca Baths, supervised by Jeanette Lee's illegal fighting club.[86]
11th Day, Month of Rain: Sister Rosewyn starts investigating Cienfuegos's archive at the conservatory.[90]
15th Day, Month of Rain: Sister Kuei starts recording voices emanating from the dismantled Oraculum.[91]
17th Day, Month of Rain: Sister Rosewyn sees the Outsider's final moments in the Void in a vision, tells her fellow Sisters at the Conservatory of the danger but do not reveal its nature.[71]
25th Day, Month of Rain: Malchiodi prepares himself to break the most important rule of the Cult of the Outsider and enter the Ritual Hold.[92]
Month of Rain: The events of Dishonored: Death of the Outsider take place.[93] As a result of touching the Twin-Bladed Knife, Daud dies aboard the Dreadful Wale, made his funeral pyre by Billie Lurk. Billie severs the Outsider's link to the Void then travels for a year across the Empire. Nightmares start to plague the population of the Empire.[94]
Month of Wind: Rumors of disturbances at the Abbey of the Everyman culminate with the High Overseer killing dozens of Overseers and Oracular Sisters during a meeting, including the High Oracle.[95]
Month of Darkness: Construction of the Leviathan Causeway begins.[96]
Month of Seeds: Void rifts start appearing across the Empire.[97] A giant Void rift divides Alba and the site of the Leviathan Causeway in two. Shortly after, the Three-Day War destroys much of Alba. A reorganization of Morley's military forces leads to the Royal Constabulary directly serving the King and Queen.[98]
Month of Timber: Empress Emily Kaldwin announces the Dissolution of the Abbey of the Everyman. The Abbey headquarters in Dunwall are occupied by a battalion of soldiers from Whitecliff, stripping it of valuables, crushing any resistance. The Oracular Order chapels across the Isles are violently stormed, most of the Sisters are killed.[95]
Month of Rain: Billie Lurk returns to Dunwall, seeking help regarding the Void rift crisis.[94]
4th Day, Month of Wind: The events of The Veiled Terror begin.
17th Day, Month of Darkness: Billie Lurk arrives in Alba. King Briam, Queen Eithne of Morley are killed. Miles Severin sacrifices himself to defeat the Void Shadow.
Unknown date: On that year, Billie Lurk starts traveling back to 1852 to save Daud and prevent the consequences of the Outsider's removal on the world. She is unsuccessful. [99]

1910+ (Possible Deathloop Timeline)

Main article: Deathloop


  • The Dishonored series did not originally have a clear dating system. It became a necessity when then Creative Director Harvey Smith and Lead Narrative Designer Sachka Duval started writing Dishonored 2.[70] Most of the resulting timeline was first revealed in the official artbook, Dishonored: The Dunwall Archives, as well as a few events unmentioned in-game. The rest are based on personal comments from Harvey Smith or revealed through the series.
  • The Great Burning which led to the beginning of the modern calendar is described as a time dominated by cultural destruction – the period was effectuated by a roving cult which grew to enormous size and visited ruin upon all cities. This suggests that the Great Burning was an event orchestrated by human hands and not something linked to the supernatural.[100]
  • 1837, the year during which Dishonored takes place, is a real-world reference to the first claimed sighting of Spring-heeled Jack, an English urban legend which originated in London during the Victorian era.[70]
  • Despite the transitions between missions making it seem as if the events of Dishonored takes place within only a few days, the game actually takes place over a time span of 4 to 8 weeks following Corvo's escapes from Coldridge,[101] between the months of High Cold and Hearths.
    • This is also confirmed by Corvo and Emily's recollection of those events in Dishonored 2.
  • Dinga Bakaba admitted that the game Deathloop takes place in "one of the futures of the Dishonored world". His specific wording suggests that there may be other versions of the timeline where the events of Deathloop don't exist.[102]


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