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I saw this coming; you're so predictable. Seniority (if that's what you want to call your little 11-month tenure here) does not equate to knowing the rules of a wiki or the wiki interface more than any other user. If you want to go throwing out credentials, I'll blatantly say that I have been editing wikis longer than you, and according to what you have showed me, have a better understanding of them as well.

You seem to have some superiority complex or something; seriously, your userpage says "Resident Head Lackey here (It means I do all the work)", when you aren't even an administrator and only make minor edits like most users (yeah... that's A LOT of work).

I'll tell you straight up: if you think just because you've been here longer, or because you have the highest editcount on the wiki, that you are somehow superior to any other editor, then we are always going to be at odds.

And about the profile image discussion we were having: you don't have to upload an image to the wiki to use it as an avatar; that's just common sense.

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