In my opinion, the suggestion of addressing an admin directly is still my best solution to your dilemma.

That being said, I also found myself with no pressing matters tonight and decided to go through the last 6 pages of my Message Wall. I specifically looked for the messages in which you either created a new message thread or one in which you responded but weren't the Original Poster.

I found a total of Sixteen posts which I have linked below. Of those Sixteen, I replied at least ONCE to every initial inquiry you made. The only time I did not reply to your first post was when you were either addressing someone else, or were just leaving a comment.

Therefore, I have a 100% accuracy when it comes to at least acknowledging or replying to your initial inquiry.

I then went through and read the discussions. As far as I can tell, Eleven of those Sixteen Messages were resolved successfully. That is a 68.75% resolution rate, which I would say is not bad. Of the five remaining, I think at least three were resolved after the discussion but I am not absolutely certain of that. The final two may have been resolved, but I am not sure.

The point is, despite what you claim, I have responded at least once EVERY TIME to a thread you have posted that required an answer from me. Also, the success rate of finding a resolution during those messages is at MINIMUM 68.75% with the likely chance of being considerably higher.

The list is below. The incidents I have with a question mark are the ones I am not completely certain whether or not an agreed upon resolution was reached:

As you can see, it is inaccurate to accuse or at least imply that the admins never or at least rarely reply to you when you address them directly. I have ALWAYS done so, and have an above average success rate of resolving the issue.

If we're counting, I have replied to nearly ALL of the Messages on my Wall from ALL editors (there are a few exceptions to this).

Therefore, as I stated at the beginning of this post, I would again suggest you contact an admin with any queries, concerns, grievances, or suggestions you may have on this wiki. As I have proved, you are more likely to get a response that way.

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