For not being 'obsessed' about questions not being answered, you sure knew exactly where to find a good portion of these so-called questions you posted yet got no reply, and in a relatively short time. 

While you may not have implied that other editors do not have unanswered questions, you do frequently play the victim here. 

I also find this particular part of your previous response interesting: "To be clear, I am not saying my questions are never answered, as there are cases, such as this, when they are resolved. It's just that so often they are not resolved that I no longer trust the correct process."

To me it seems you admit that you know the correct process which the admins have explained to you several times, but you neither trust it nor apparently feel the need to adhere it. I'm sorry, what?

You've repeatedly made unnecessary changes such as either altering a picture's size at the top of an article citing The Manual of Style, or remove a period at the end of a quote portion at the top of a page because you "simply have to go with how it's normally done" even though no such rule exists.

So, when you want to follow the rules, you do and use them as a shield to explain your reasoning; when you don't want to, then you feel obliged to ignore them, and other times you just make up rules on the fly. I'm not sure how that works.

Finally, I checked a good portion of your links. Many seem more your opinion than actual queries. Another grouping seems more complaints than questions. A select few, such as the questions about picture categories and other talk pages are in such obscure locations that they can be easily missed; I personally never visit those unless I am directed to do so.

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