• It's not necessary to always make edits simply to include a title, position, or pronoun when linking something. I've noticed lately you have been doing this on some of your edits. Here are two examples:

    • Here: there is no reason to add "the" to the Aristocrat link, nor "our" to the link for Delilah. Also, the "Duke" could or could not be added to Luca Abele, but it's not necessary. Basically, there is no justifiable reason for this entire edit.
    • Here: the inclusion of the title "lady" does nothing to further clarify the link to Lady Boyle, especially seeing as how the sub-link already goes to Esma. I know other things were changed as well, but it just seemed a bit trivial and didn't add to the overall page.

    In the past we've had individuals (not you) make edits that didn't really add anything to the page. It'd be different if the wording was changed, missing punctuation was added (like that at the end of captions in pics), or there wasn't something clarified properly. Overall though, I'd prefer to keep unnecessary changes as minimal as possible, since it just adds to the things admin have to check out and clear when going through old posts.

    Thanks. :)

    - Geist

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    • From my point of view, pronouns should be added if the link they are part of refer to one specific character, location, item, etc... When for example Treavor Pendleton is only referred to as "the aristocrat" in a document, would you link "aristocrat" to the page "Treavor Pendleton" or the page "Aristocrats"? I'm using pronouns in links to avoid such confusion should it ever occurs.

      As for title, yes I tend to include them in links when next to a name. It sounds logical to me when Galvani's page was named back then simply "Doctor Galvani".

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    • But those examples I posted do not support your argument.

      In no way does "the" added to "wealthy class" help to identify the term any closer to Aristocrats. Nor does adding the word "our" to "new Empress" make it any more about Delilah Copperspoon; we already know Delilah is the new Empress. Adding "our" does nothing.

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    • Still seems logical to me. /:

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    • A FANDOM user
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