• I saw  from the latest edits on your profile page that you are a bit upset about me undoing three edits of yours in a rather short time span, so let me explain to you a little more thoroughly why I  did that:

    • The first was the removal of "assassination" from a caption. There is nothing wrong with adding that per se. However, the assassination part is a) optional, b) creates a massive word monster (assassination target portrait) and c) only target  is self-explanatory, since taking out targets is what the game is basically about. Therefore the addition was unnecessary.
    • The second was the removal of the speculation that Shan Yun hails from Wei-Ghon. We don't add speculative information on pages on this wiki without further support. You are right that the guy's name hints at that, but for now, that is all we got. It could just as easily be that his parents hail from Wei-Ghon but he himself grew up on the mainland. To add the Wei-Ghon info, we'd need some more indications to support the theory.
    • The third was the removal of a parent category. The "Cities" category, which is present on Wei-Ghon's page, is a subcategory of the category "Locations", which makes "Locations" a parent category of "Cities". "Locations" itself is a subcategory of "Lore", which makes  "Lore" a parent category to "Locations" and thus "Cities"  as well. On this wiki, we add only the most specific categories down the line and not their parents, so "Lore", being a parent to "Cities" had to be removed.

    If you are unsure or have further questions, feel free to ask.

    Also, please don't let it discourage you when lots of your edits get altered or undone at the moment. Frequent undoings happened to all of us when we started. You are still new and learning the ways, it will get better after a bit. :)

    - Piko

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    • It's alright, I really need to get the rules into my head.

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    • I'll add to this, it's pretty common to have your text revised by others on the wiki. Making a text pleasant to read and not speculative is an even harder task than finding interesting information. That said, I really improved at documenting things thanks to the other editors' work here. :)

      If you didn't know where to access them, here are the Rules of Conduct and the Manual of Style. The former is mostly for behavior, but the we use the latter to keep articles consistent in their writing and presentation. We do amend it sometimes if we judge it necessary following suggestions by the staff or other users, so it's not completely set in stone.

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