• In the comments section of a page that I cannot recall we decided to leave navboxes alone until such a time as the issue with them is fixed. Please refrain from further additions for the time being.

    Edit: the comments section of Luciano contains the conversation in question.

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    • ok, thx for letting me know. 

      sorry I haven't logged in for over three months. Didn't notice recent decisions. 

      yeah, I'll leave navboxes alone until final calls.

      Actually, I quite enjoy navboxes, which provides so many interesting information that I haven't paid any attention in the game, especially for those NPCs. It makes every individual in the game alive. Everyone has his/her life. 

      I think those developers who designed these NPCs will cry if nobody cares for them. Those programmers spent lots of time on them to make the game more realistic.

      I don't think it just simplily duplicates category pages, cos if someone wanna check other pages under the same category, they have to click it and check it one by one. And navboxes just gives u everything, and if somebody finds something interesting, all need to to is to click. 

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    • It's fine. It was hidden away in a comments section, no one could have expected you to know.

      Yes, those are all valid points, but it does making searching and stuff very difficult, so we're pretty much just waiting for them to fix it or we'll probably abandon them.

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    • I personally made contents in Chinese Dishonored Wiki (Ch-En).

      Compared with categories, it gives more hints about the relationships between pages.

      e.g.: a person-all related documents; a mission-all documents that can be found in that mission; a place- all people and locations in that area. (although some documents would be repeated under different entries)

      Some of my friends told me that the most difficult thing for them on wikia is that they don't know what pages it contains. Searching is only availabile when you know what exactly page name. But around 40% pages they even don't know they exsit. Novboxes solve that question somehow, but not perfect solution. Even the page that I created is not the best solution neither. But I'm trying to figure it out.

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