• Your latest batch of edits AGAIN seem to contain a good amount an unnecessary switching around of a few words. The redirecting links as the sole/primary excuse alters nearly nothing within the scope of the pages.

    Again, stop making unnecessary edits.

    I and others have told you repeatedly about this.

    There is no rule that says something needs to be redirected to a specific part of page. If it's part of a larger overall change that significantly amends or makes a page better then that is acceptable. What you are doing, again, is scanning through pages looking for things to edit.

    Also, there is also no rule that says the word 'mission' needs to be followed by the title of the mission:

    There is NO difference in the above example. Both are acceptable. You, again, seem to be the primary one changing these.

    You're also rearranging just a few words that make the sentence slightly appear different but changing basically nothing within the context. If the end result reads better that's one thing, or fixes tense, or clarifies subject focus. However, again, nearly nothing of what you're editing does this.

    This is my final warning on this subject. Stop making unnecessary changes just to make changes.

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