• I know that there have been issues before with my behaviour being perceived as me simply making decisions without checking, and I felt I'd better explain that this latest action of mine, making those pages, isn't that.

    As I said in the comments section, it's a suggestion that was made and no one had any issues they had yet stated.

    It also acts as a compromise for the issue at hand, so both those that believe that all multi-note characters should be included and those that believe that only page-having characters should be included are happy.

    While not addressed in my comment, the third reason is that there is no reason not to make pages for them. Only one page was a stub, and that was only about thirty words shorter than one that wasn't, so you can see that I have actually put effort into the pages, and I'm not making them solely to resolve the slightly heated discussion.

    And as I'm sure you'll notice, Ox has already thanked me for the pages, so it appears that it was successful in resolving the issue.

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    • First, I still think you are impatient. This has been brought up several times.┬áJust because there are no objections to something, doesn't necessarily mean there is resounding support for the suggestion either.

      You seem to be unable to just sit and let a matter lie. You 'get bored' and seem to have to constantly make edits somewhere about something.

      Second, a good deal of your past actions (and edits) were/are unnecessary. I truly doubt you have malicious or clandestine intentions, but they call into question your decisions, and why exactly you make them.

      Third, you create these articles, but then often admin (and others) have to step in and correct them, and sometimes not just a little bit. Again, this addresses your impatience and calls into question your decisions. If you're contributing something that often needs to be redone, your actions become more bane than boon.

      Fourth, you cite Ox as having thanked you and use that as a mark of your success. There were others involved in the issue. Did they thank you for it? By saying one guy, whose past behavior admittedly mimics a lot of your own, approves of your actions, it may not be the mark of success you're aiming for.

      All of that side, I do appreciate you bringing this to my attention and offering an explanation of your actions.

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