• All the facts I presented and their sources:

    Daud uses Runes to upgrade Arcane Bond, giving his assassins new powers. Source: DLC supernatural abilities page.

    Daud's Whalers have to put some of their own effort in to get better. Source: the Whaler in training during The Flooded District mission.

    Delilah gives her witches powers with her version of Arcane Bond. Source: Harvey said it somewhere. Does need a reference though. Any idea where that would be?

    Gravehounds are the hardest power to master. Source: overheard conversation between two witches outside the Dunwall Tower waterlock in Death to the Empress. One said they had finally mastered it, the other that only a few ever did and that Delilah would be very pleased. Possibly just my interpretation of it, I suppose there could be other powers that are even harder to learn.

    You probably know half of this already, but I thought I'd better write it all down here, so there's no mistake of where I got any of it.

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    • Daud isn't personally responsible for giving the Whalers their powers. He has no control over it. He is the source yes, albeit in a random chaotic fashion, but not the┬ádeterminant.

      Your wording makes him sound like he is.

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    • You raise a good point. I'll happily reword it. I was trying to highlight the differences between the Arcane Bonds of Daud and Delilah, I see now it has left that implication.

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