• ...but I think you misunderstood something I said during our previous conversation.

    When you asked about un-italicizing the name of the Dreadful Wale, I simply meant in within the note. Keeping the ship's name italicized within the contents of a note, then italicizing the entirety of the note, results in a kind of "double negative" which makes the ship's name appear un-italicized.

    That was what I meant about it looking weird, and that it wasn't needed. It looked weird within the note.

    The other articles where the name appears should be italicized when the name of the ship appears in normal text. This includes appearances of other named ships like The Delilah. I am very sorry that my reply misled you; that was not my intention. :(

    - Geist

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    • No, don't worry.  I understood that.  I un-italicised those names due to the linked edit by Epic Mustache.  I too thought that ships names were meant to be italicised, but him being him and me being me, I thought that he knew something I didn't and I was wrong, and the conversation that you are referring too was outdated due to a more recent conversation that he had been involved in that I wasn't privy too.  Perhaps it's best to check with him, ask him why he thinks that?

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    • I could've sworn someone said something about...or perhaps not

      Either way, I apologise for any problems I may have caused.


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    • It seems the whole thing was multiple misunderstandings and miscommunications, nothing to apologise about.  I think I've fixed up all the pages that were affected by this, so the problem is solved.

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    • @ Epic 

      It's fine. As Metworst said, it just seemed to be a series of misunderstandings. You guys are both good editors, so it's obvious there was no ill intent. :)

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    • A FANDOM user
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