• As I don't have the game yet, I'm not certain if the typos and such I'm finding in the transcripts you're adding are there or not.

    I understand you're eager to put out the new pages, but you're not italicizing the transcripts like we do with other pages and there are a few typos.

    Not trying to give you grief, so please don't take it that way... just make sure what you're adding is correct and keeping with the formula we have for similar pages.

    Thanks. :)

    - Geist

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    • Yeah, I am sorry about the italicising thing, I completely forgot for those notes. I remembered for the book, but that just makes me feel worse about forgetting afterwards...

      As for typos, you're right, too eager.  I'll go back and check the pages now, and be more careful for the other ones I add.  That's the problem with a game this good...

      Also, do we italicise the ship's name?  I know the whole page is italicised, but does that mean we un-italicise it?

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    • Oh yes, I understand.

      I don't know if it helps or not... but when I put the article into Source mode, I have spellcheck that finds all sorts of mistakes for me. I know some people don't have the spellcheck set up, but it's worth a shot as a final review mechanism before posting an article. Obviously, words specific to the game like Dunwall, Morleyan, and such may show up as wrong, but that is to be expected.

      Anyway, good luck. :)

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    • To your other point: I un-italicized it for the time being, as it looked odd otherwise. If someone else, such as Essie, 8-Bit, or Piko says different then we can put it back the way you originally had it. 

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    • For the comma in Letter to Lieutenant Valiente, we can let it stand for now, even though I agree that it seems wrong. Lemme get a second opinion before we add the [sic] just yet.

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    • Sure thing.  It didn't look right to me but, in light of my rush earlier, I thought it best to state that I had copied the note correctly.

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    • A FANDOM user
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