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Daud Audiograph

Daud, recording the audiograph.

Thoughts on the Lord Regent's Fall is an audiograph found in Dishonored, recorded by Daud.


So you've lost it all. Ruined at last, Lord Regent. Royal Spymaster. Hiram Burrows. You small, worried man. You'll never know how many times I've thought about trying to get close to you again, just to put a piece of sharp metal in your eye.

But now there's no need. You've been taken down by the same apparatus that gave you life to begin with: laws and courtrooms and the mighty swell of public outrage.

Good riddance to you, sir. So many schemes you had and so many contracts. How many people did I kill for you? None like the last. None like her. I'd give back all the coin if I could. No one should have to kill an Empress.


The audiograph is found in Daud's Hideout in the Flooded District on his desk if Hiram Burrows was neutralized non-lethally. An alternate audiograph can be found if Burrows was killed.


  • This is one of only three audiographs that can be witnessed as they are being recorded, the others being Sokolov's Observation on Test Subject 312 and Thoughts on the Lord Regent's Death.
  • If Daud is interrupted before completing this recording, the audiograph will not be present in the player.