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Theodanis statue

Theodanis's statue in Batista.

"We rise together with the same dawn. We feel the same wind on our faces. We fish the same ocean."
—Duke Theodanis Abele's motto

Theodanis Abele is a character mentioned in Dishonored 2 and the previous Duke of Serkonos[1], generally described as benevolent by its people. He is the father of Luca Abele, the present Duke, who in contrast to his father rules only in his own interests.


Theodanis was born in Serkonos in 1775. Throughout his reign, he managed to unite the cities of Serkonos and thus led his subjects into a just and prosperous age. During this period he also met the mine baron Aramis Stilton, a hard-working and caring man who was responsible for the silver mines and workers of the Batista Mining District in Karnaca. Soon the two men became trusted allies as well as close, personal friends.

Theodanis encouraged initiatives aimed at helping others, such as Stilton's new ideas to improve the safety of workers in the silver mines. It was also under his reign that Doctor Alexandria Hypatia founded the Addermire Institute of Infectious Disease in 1845. He would decorate her two years later of the Grand Medal of Merit for her benevolent work.

Theodanis was married to Duchess Callas Abele and the couple had two sons, Luca and Radanis. The latter was killed by a street urchin during a visit in Dunwall, after he had previously attacked and killed her friend.[2][3] To add to the Duke's sorrow, Luca would not grow up as altruistic as he was.

In 1816, Theodanis, after becoming highly impressed by the young man's skills, sent Corvo Attano to Dunwall to serve Emperor Euhorn Kaldwin as part of a 'diplomatic gesture'. Beside this, the Duke maintained good relations with the Emperor and even inaugurated the Royal Conservatory of Karnaca in remembrance of the late sovereign's spouse, Beatrix Blayne Kaldwin, in 1819.

Theodanis Abele passed away in 1847. A statue has been commemorated in the Batista Mining District in honor of his memory, in front of his close friend's manor.


  • The Duke's epitaph on his statue reads: "He cast his dreams with the people of Serkonos."
  • Theodanis had an affair with Aramis Stilton.[4]
  • Corvo highly respects Theodanis and views him as a good man.