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The Young Prince of Tyvia is a book found in Dishonored, The Knife of Dunwall and Dishonored: The Corroded Man.


[Excerpt from a theatre play]

Lord Nathan Bayle, shaking with outrage
How dare you, sir, clothed so in my very home?! I should hand you over to the Watch, depraved Tyvian!

Prince Kallisarr, moving closer
That's a harsh welcome for royalty, m'lord. Your daughter treated me with much more hospitality. Alas, she has gone out for the evening, leaving me all alone.

Lord Nathan Bayle, stammering, studying the younger man before him
What are you doing? Leave this house! Go back to your frozen wasteland, pale rascal!

Prince Kallisarr, smiling coyly, reaching out
No need for anger between us, Lord Bayle. Is it so wrong for me to be here? As I've proven, I've developed an affinity for you and your family.

Lord Nathan Bayle, gasping
Oh, my. Kallisarr, your skin is so warm, it burns.



  • In The Corroded Man, the word is spelled 'theater', not 'theatre' as it is in the game.