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"At last, what I've always deserved. My justice. Now what's always be marred and distorted will be perfect! I've waited so long. Sing my songs and lick my flesh. Worship me!"
—Delilah while entering the World As It Should Be

The World As It Should Be

The World As It Should Be is the final painting created by Delilah Copperspoon, depicting Delilah's deepest desire - being loved by her subjects. The World As It Should Be is different from the real world, being shaped to Delilah's liking. It is the final location visited in Dishonored 2.


The painting of the world is created after Delilah takes over Dunwall Tower. Delilah creates it by bending the energies of The Void by creating a harmony between normal runes and corrupt runes. After its completion, the painting is hung in the throne room.

Upon the protagonist's return to Dunwall, he or she faces Delilah in the throne room of Dunwall Tower. After Delilah's spirit is merged with Delilah herself, Delilah will use her magic to enter the painting. The protagonist is forced to follow her and, upon entering the painting, finds out what Delilah intends to replace the real world with.

In the World As It Should Be, aspects from the real world are merged with aspects reminding of Delilah's tree-like faible, and aspects reminding of the Void. In the portion of the World that can be visited, a giant statue of Delilah can be seen from atop of Dunwall Tower, located behind Delilah's throne. There are also stone statues of civilians, applauding and worshipping Delilah.

To prevent Delilah from merging the World As It Should Be with the real world, the protagonist must either kill Delilah or manipulate the throne at Dunwall Tower by adding a corrupted rune and thus breaking the harmony between the real runes and the corrupt runes. This causes Delilah to be trapped in her own fantasy world without her even noticing the difference. Delilah will thus rule the World As It Should Be forever, believing that her plan has worked and that she is ruling the real Empire of the Isles.