The Stolen Archive is the fourth mission in Death of the Outsider. In it, Billie Lurk must travel to the Royal Conservatory to steal documents on how to enter the Void.


Eleuterio Cienfuegos, an ex-member of the Eyeless, stole important documents about how to enter the Void and sent them to the Royal Conservatory. Make your way inside and look for the stolen archive.


Reading the Ledger

Upon leaving the apartment where she spent the night, Billie overhears two Overseers discussing the ledger that details all the items currently removed from the Royal Conservatory. The ledger is in open space, near the large fire. Billie can reach it stealthily by using Displace to reach the semi-dismantled watchtower and then the ground. She can read the book from behind a barrier, then displace back up to the watchtower and back to her apartment.


There are a number of ways to enter the Royal Conservatory. These are:

  • the main door
  • climbing a gate to either side of the main door
  • one open window on each side of the main door, on the ledge around the building
  • using Semblance on an Overseer and entering through the basement door to the right of the building
  • entering through smuggler's passageway in the sewers to the left of the basement door (purchase for 150 coins in the Black Market)

Once inside, Billie must make her way to the curator's office to take the silvergraph off Sister Lena Rosewyn.

Special Actions

  • Wild and Free - Released the witch being held prisoner at the Royal Conservatory.
  • Sororicide - Eliminated Sister Lena Rosewyn.
  • Fratricide - Eliminated Brother Álvaro Cardoza.
  • No Time to Haggle - Robbed the Black Market near the Royal Conservatory.
  • Something Wicked - Betrayed the witch at the Royal Conservatory.
  • Music Therapist - Eliminated the Overseers and tortured Vice Overseer Cardoza.
  • Freedom of Information - Stole Sister Rosewyn's notebook from the Royal Conservatory.
  • Risk-seeker - Seized the relic from the well-protected safe.


  • The contracts in this mission are Álvaro and the Abbey, Pilfer the Prophecies, and A Risky Wager.
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