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View of Karnaca, Capital of Serkonos.

The Southern Winds, By Caleb Manly, Natural Philosopher is a book found in Dishonored 2.


The Southern Winds

Presented at the Academy for the Benefit and Moral Edification of the Pupils Therein [Excerpt from a speech]


Cherished students and learned colleagues, have you not heard the tales of Serkonos and the beauty of its people? I pose questions today, that I hope to answer in great detail. Let's start with the ones commonly asked by travelers for many decades.

Does the warmer clime affect the spiritual outlook of people? Are those born in Tyvia, Morley, and Gristol possessed of a more taciturn nature through the geographic and meteorological conditions of their birth? And are these subjects influenced by the obscure currents of warmer water and air that are channeled across the dreadful Ocean from the Pandyssian Continent itself? We know so little about that far land!

In my travels, I have been impressed with commonality shared across all cultures, but also in the differences. It's my goal to illuminate these areas of inquiry, and I will share at least one spicy Serkonan recipe with you before the day is done.

Caleb Manly, Natural Philosopher


This book can be found in the building to the left of Aventa Station, during the mission The Clockwork Mansion.