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The Seven Strictures.

This article is about the book found in the Dishonored franchise. You may be looking for the Overseer principles.

The Seven Strictures is a book found in Dishonored, The Knife of Dunwall, and Dishonored 2.


[Excerpt from a commonly distributed overview of the Seven Strictures]

Surround your innermost being with these Strictures, and you will be safe.

The Seven Strictures are our core principles, taught and reinforced by Overseer across the Isles. From these principles stem all manner of rules, social codes and beliefs about the Cosmos.

The Seven Strictures
1. Wandering Gaze
2. Lying Tongue
3. Restless Hands
4. Roving Feet
5. Rampant Hunger
6. Wanton Flesh
7. Errant Mind

All these behaviors must be restricted in order to keep one's heart free from malevolent influences. They are the inroads of the Outsider.