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The Sands of Serkonos is a written note found in Dishonored 2. The song can also be heard during the game's credits.



Sands of Serkonos

On the sands of sweet Serkonos
Did we bathe in the sun?
Sharing grapes from Cullero
When you were the only one

On the streets of Karnaca
I met you long ago
When the sea was still peaceful
And the bay it seemed to glow

We danced and sang
Until the early ships sailed
And when the morning bells rang
Only then we exhaled

Now the sands of Serkonos
They're burning in the sun

And the grapes from Cullero
Are withered and finally done

Now we cower in the alley
Of the streets where we did stroll
While the Duke claims our riches
And his firing squads patrol

We run and hide
Until the evening ships sail
When the night is black
Only then do we exhale

So meet me in the shadows
And bring your sweetest grapes
We'll slip onto a whaler
And maybe we'll escape


The note can be found on the singing duo at the Crone's Hand Saloon during the Dust District mission.