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Chamber of Commerce Building.

The Rudshore Chamber of Commerce is a book found in Dishonored and The Knife of Dunwall.


[Excerpt from a book covering the various districts across Dunwall and their histories]

Once the financial heart of the Empire, the Rudshore Financial District was a hive of trade activity. No district employed more barristers, accountants, or indeed more security. And no part of Dunwall saw a greater flow of coin.

When the flood barriers broke and the waters rolled in, the looting that followed was accompanied by an epic period of chaos and butchery. Those who could withdraw and move the assets did what they could. Others, with their wealth tied up in grand mansions and artwork, lost it all.

When the last of the high society set had withdrawn and the lights went dark, Rudshore was a gloomy, crumbling shell of what it had been, inhabited by thieves, wild dogs and rats. Once great palaces of commerce sat empty and haunted, or come to house killers and mercenaries, as well as anyone else looking to hide from the City Watch.

In mere months, "The Flooded District" was settled upon as the most proper name for the place.