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The Royal Conservatory is the fifth mission in Dishonored 2, where either Emily Kaldwin or Corvo Attano must infiltrate the Royal Conservatory of Karnaca to eliminate Delilah's follower, Breanna Ashworth, and prevent her from completing a mysterious device.


While held captive, Anton Sokolov learned the identity of one of Delilah's chief allies, Breanna Ashworth. An architect of the coup that took the throne in Dunwall, Ashworth is powerful and full of secrets. She is building a mysterious device for Delilah. Breanna Ashworth must be eliminated.


Meagan Foster brings Emily or Corvo to Cyria Gardens in her skiff. The district is protected by the Grand Serkonan Guard, and Emily or Corvo must get past a Wall of Light and a Watchtower before reaching the Royal Conservatory. Once there, they have to make their way through Delilah's coven of witches to get to Breanna.