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The Outsider and the Circumscribed Void

Sokolov's first painting of the Outsider.

The Outsider is a book found in Dishonored. Another book in Dishonored 2, entitled Old Stolen Diary, is exactly the same.


[Excerpt from the diary of a known heretic, seized before his execution]

For most, the Outsider is nothing but a child's tale meant to instill fear of that beyond the family, the community.

When I was young, my mother and I were on the run, moving from one village or sea town to the next. Camping in the woods for weeks, always with the cursed Overseers at our backs.

At night she told me of her dreams. Of the empty place where the Outsider whispered to her. With each visit, her craft grew, until she could see through the eyes of moths, and unlock a door or window latch from outside a house.

I will find this empty place. Somehow the key to open the Void will fall into my hands. In time, I will learn the secret and he will call to me as he called to her.

Call me a heretic for my studies. Drag me to your cold stone cell, whip my flesh and put me on trial as an apostate. Burn my body to ash.

But I will continue to seek the realm of which my mother spoke. It is my life's meaning.



  • This story is mentioned in the timeline of the official artbook, which dates the woman's marking by the Outsider in 1803, and the writing of her son's journal circa 1800-1810.[1]