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Havelock, Pendleton, and Martin.

This article is about the Loyalist Conspiracy. You may be looking for the mission, The Loyalists.

The Loyalist Conspiracy is a small group of disgruntled Dunwall citizens, headed by Admiral Farley Havelock, nobleman Treavor Pendleton, and Overseer Teague Martin. Their long term goal is to overthrow the Lord Regent, Hiram Burrows, and reinstate Emily Kaldwin, the true Empress of Empire of the Isles and daughter of the late Empress, Jessamine Kaldwin.

They seek to disrupt Burrows' power base, and to this end, use their connections to free former Lord Protector Corvo Attano from Coldridge Prison the day before his execution.

Their main base of operations is the Hound Pits Pub.




The Hound Pits Pub.

Following the assassination of Empress Jessamine Kaldwin and Burrows' rise to power, Admiral Havelock left the Navy and briefly considered piracy, before inspiration struck him. He met with Lord Pendleton on the steps of Parliament. After a conspiratorial conversation, the two headed to a bar where they met Overseer Teague Martin.[1] Afterward, the three leading members of the Loyalist Conspiracy congregated at the Hound Pits Pub, owned by Havelock, in the quarantined Old Port District. There they gathered their resources (including Pendleton's funds, Martin's connections, and Havelock's staff) and utilized them to put plans to overthrow the Lord Regent into action.

Realizing that Corvo Attano – with his legendary fighting skills and personal vendetta against the Lord Regent – would be an invaluable asset to their cause, they set about preparing to release him from Coldridge Prison.

They commissioned Piero Joplin's services in preparing weapons to be left in the sewers for Corvo, and Martin used his connections to bribe a prison guard into giving Corvo a key to his cell. Despite these preparations, Havelock gave Corvo "odds of 1 in 5" of making a successful escape.[2]

Against Havelock's prediction, Corvo is able to escape and meet boatman Samuel Beechworth at the chosen rendezvous point. However, Martin's treachery is discovered, and he is imprisoned in Holger Square by his fellow Overseers.

Assassination Targets[]

Upon Corvo's arrival at the Hound Pits Pub, he can briefly meet with the various occupants of the Hound Pits, including servants Callista Curnow, Lydia Brooklaine, Cecelia and Wallace Higgins; boatman Samuel Beechworth; and the Conspiracy's founding members. Havelock then charges him with retrieving Martin, whose tactical expertise and personal connections are critical to the success of the Conspiracy. He also tasks Corvo with neutralizing Thaddeus Campbell and procuring the man's blackmail notebook, the book being an extremely useful asset to the Loyalists. In addition to ample blackmail information, in the journal is also written Emily Kaldwin's current location. After Martin is freed, he uses the book to blackmail his way back into the Overseer order and eventually into the position of High Overseer itself.

01 greetings

Callista, Lydia, and Wallace greeting Emily.

Pendleton then asks Corvo to eliminate his brothers, Custis and Morgan Pendleton, so their Parliamentary votes may pass to him.[3] While Pendleton makes the request himself for the sake of the gentry's holdings,[4] he is deeply distressed by the loss of his brothers, treating Corvo with contempt when he believes the man has killed them. While seeking the two out at the Golden Cat pleasure house, Corvo also rescues Emily, bringing her to the Hound Pits where Callista takes her on as a charge.

On Havelock's and Martin's orders, Corvo successively abducts Royal Physician, Anton Sokolov,[5] and neutralizes Burrows' financial backer and mistress Lady Boyle.[6] Over the course of these missions, recordings are left by various Conspiracy members – including Piero,[7] Pendleton,[8] and Havelock[9] – expressing their thoughts on the Conspiracy's progress. The tone of some of the entries will differ depending on Corvo's chaos.

As the attack on Burrows draws nearer, Havelock's musings become increasingly apprehensive, pondering the Conspiracy's future and the complications they will face moving into Dunwall Tower.


Following Burrows' elimination, the Conspiracy devolves into chaos. Havelock, Pendleton and Martin, fearing the repercussions of their actions, poison Corvo and betray and murder the other conspirators. They then kidnap Emily to Kingsparrow Island, claiming that Havelock "will take control [of the Empire] until she comes of an age in which she is fit to rule",[citation needed] effectively becoming the new Lord Regent. Corvo then decides to eliminate them as he did all the other assassination targets in order to rescue Emily and put her in her rightful place as Empress. Some other members of the Conspiracy survive and eventually go on to serve the interest of the Empire and her people. From the shadow, they work to support and protect the ruler of the Empire. However, should the goal of the Empress or Emperor do not align with theirs, they would commit to put someone else on the throne.[10]

Known Members[]


  • Corvo's time with the Loyalists takes place between the Months of High Cold and Hearths.[citation needed]
  • As of Dishonored 2, most of the prominent Loyalists have been confirmed as dead in the intervening fifteen years.
  • During the development of Dishonored, there was another Loyalist, a businessman named Jonathan Russell. Even though all his lines had been recorded, his character was combined with Havelock's.[11]