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The Lonely Rat Boy.

The Lonely Rat Boy and Other Tales [4] is a book found in Death of the Outsider.


Blood wept from the wound in his palm. Soon, blood welled in his eyes and rolled down his face in long, staining tears. His white rat lay curled in his marked hand, protected by the boy's strange magic.

He staggered through the streets of Dunwall. The world recoiled at the sight, fearful of the plague that gripped his body. There was only one place left for him.

Soon he found the shrine that had brought him these powers. It lay inert, even as the boy fell to his knees before it. He had hoped to see the Outsider again, but the young man did not appear. The boy looked up from the gutter and felt the Void reach out for him.

The ones who hurt him were dead. He smiled for this–for the only one who had taken pity on him in his short years. He laid down on the cold stones before the shrine.

"Thank you." A pained whisper to the night air. He had lived his final days unafraid.

Life fled the boy, and his smile slackened into a dull stare. His little white rat slipped from his hand and lapped the blood from his cheek.


This book can be found by the mattress in Billie Lurk's outpost during the mission The Stolen Archive.