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The lonely child.

The Lonely Rat Boy and Other Tales [1] is a book found in Death of the Outsider.


It was the year the rat plague sank its bloody teeth into Dunwall and tore out all its mercies. The year the people who live submerged within the shadows of the city's great edifices suffered most.

This lonely child knew no family but a small white rat. Whatever pieces of half-rotted food he found, he shared with this creature. He knew no name, only the vile curses thrown at him by the thugs and mudlarks who tormented him daily. Their fists raised, their knives on his skin. How they grinned, baring all their blackened teeth.

The boy, bruised and shaken, cradled his little friend to his chest as they sat together in some dark alley for a moment's breath. Soon the city watch found him.

"Move on!" the watchman said. The boy did not know where to go. He pleaded with the man, who answered with a truncheon across the youngster's cheek.

"Move on!" he said again with a scowl. The boy turned to run.

"He'll be weeping soon", he heard the watchman spit.

The boy's heart stuttered with fear. The rat watched him plaintively with red eyes.

"No one will help us", the boy said to his only friend.


This book can be found by Billie's bed aboard the Dreadful Wale upon waking up at the beginning of the mission One Last Fight.