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The Jindosh Riddle.

The Jindosh Riddle is a written note found in Dishonored 2.


At the dinner party were Lady Winslow, Doctor Marcolla, Countess Contee, Madam Natsiou, and Baroness Finch.

The women sat in a row. They all wore different colors and [character] wore a jaunty [color] hat. [Character] was at the far left, next to the guest wearing a [color] jacket. The lady in [color] sat left of someone in [color]. I remember that [color] outfit because the woman spilled her [drink] all over it. The traveler from [city] was dressed entirely in [color]. When one of the dinner guests bragged about her [heirloom], the woman next to her said they were finer in [city], where she lived.

So [character] showed off a prized [heirloom], at which the lady from [city] scoffed, saying it was no match for her [heirloom]. Someone else carried a valuable [heirloom] and when she saw it, the visitor from [city] next to her almost spilled her neighbor's [drink]. [Character] raised her [drink] in toast. The lady from [city], full of [drink], jumped up onto the table falling onto the guest in the center seat, spilling the poor woman's [drink]. Then [character] captivated them all with a story about her wild youth in [city].

In the morning there were four heirlooms under the table: [heirloom], [heirloom], [heirloom], and [heirloom].

But who owned each?


The note can be found by interacting with the Jindosh Riddle case outside Aramis Stilton's manor during the mission Dust District.


  • By solving this code by matching each person with their heirloom, Emily Kaldwin or Corvo Attano unlock the door to Aramis Stilton's manor.
    • The riddle does not have to be solved. There are three other ways of finding the answer.
  • Each time, the characters, colors, cities, drinks and the heirloom each owns are randomly selected from the following lists.
    • Characters: Lady Winslow, Doctor Marcolla, Countess Contee, Madam Natsiou, Baroness Finch.
    • Colors: red, blue, purple, white, green.
    • Cities: Fraeport, Dunwall, Baleton, Dabokva, Karnaca.
    • Drinks: wine, rum, absinthe, beer, whiskey.
    • Heirlooms: Snuff Tin, War Medal, Bird Pendant, Ring, Diamond.
  • Because each character-heirloom association is unique, there are only 120 possible solutions to this puzzle, meaning that simply trying out each combination to find the correct one for the Jindosh Lock is about 8 times easier than for any regular three-digit safe lock in the game (as these have 1000 possible combinations). Additionally, the first sentence of the third paragraph reveals the owner of one of the heirlooms, further reducing the number of possible solutions to 24.
  • Since only the details change, the easiest way to solve it is as follows: The first mentioned woman in the main paragraphs, always matches up with the third mentioned heirloom. The second woman matches up with the fourth heirloom, The third matches up with the second, the fourth matches up with the first, and the fifth matches up with the only heirloom not mentioned at all.