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Tyvia map

A map of Tyvia.

The Isle of Tyvia is a book found in Dishonored and Dishonored: The Corroded Man.


[Excerpt from a volume on Tyvian geography and culture]

Northernmost among the Isles, Tyvia is dominated by snarling mountain ranges that rise up from frozen plains. Travel between cities involves arduous treks through territory thickly infested with terrible bears and packs of hounds adapted to the climate. Despite these conditions, Tyvian art, architecture, food and fashion are ornate and complex, marked by an intricate refinement that perhaps arose as a counterpoint to the cold, harsh land itself.

While people in the lower city of Caltain [sic] share much with their nearest neighbors in Morley, most Tyvians are a breed apart, shaped by generations of life in the inhospitable cold. Austere and regal, Tyvians are proud of their customs, food and history, and have little concern for the Isles to the south.


  • In Dishonored, this book can be found in the library on the first floor of Dunwall Tower, on a table by the main staircase during the mission, Return to the Tower.
  • In The Corroded Man, the second paragraph is quoted at the beginning of the third interlude.